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About Magooone of us since 1:27 PM on 02.16.2009

My name's Joe and I'm 23 years old. I've been gaming for a long time, but it's always been by myself or with a small group of friends. Only recently, after signing up for Xbox Live and being exposed to a vast number of gamers, did I have any sense of being a part of a larger community. That's why I'm here at Dtoid, to be a part of a quality discourse about video games. I hope you find what I have to say interesting, and if you don't, tell me why. That's what this whole thing is about.

I only have a 360 right now. It's not an issue of preference, I simply can't afford a PS3. If I had the cash, I'd grab one in a heartbeat. I had a wii for a while. After not playing it for months, I decided to get rid of it. I used to play a fair bit of Warcraft 3 and Counter-Strike, but I have since abandoned PC gaming. System requirements quickly outpaced my budget.

My Video Game hall of fame:
Hero's Quest
King's Quest series
Monkey Island series
Half-Life series
Halo (The original, not the series)
Metal Gear Solid
Fallout 2

Currently Playing (On the 360):
Left 4 Dead
Fallout 3 + DLC
Lost & Damned
Skate 2
Call of Duty: World at War
Resident Evil 5

Can't Wait to Play:
Brutal Legend
APB (If it comes to the 360)

Favorite Food:
Cold Fried Chicken. Trust me, it's amazing.