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Hey, come play my cranetastic LBP level.

After about seven or eight of nine hours of building, my gumball crane game is up. It's pretty hard to get any kind of recognition in the Beta, since they never seem to rotate the "Cool Levels" Planet, but that's why I came here, to whore ...


Valve outlines unlockable weapons, I :/

http://www.gamesradar.com/us/pc/game/news/article.jsp?sectionId=1006&articleId=20080123111357830074&releaseId=2006071917154725056 Meh, it was perfect the way it was, I don't see why they need to mess with it. I mean, guess it's not bad, bu...



So, it appears SMG got a 9.5 outta Gamespot, which is pretty good, since just about every game in the past 3 years has gotten 7.5s from them. However, how long will it be till we see an uprising of dudes who think it oughta gotten a 10? I ...


skate. I heard it's pretty fun.

They were right. Anyone else got this for that one system that's not the 360? I want to impress people with my various failed attempts are getting some MAD FOOTY.


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