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About Mafflezone of us since 9:33 AM on 01.04.2012

My name is Logan. I have an youtube channel i am currently working on videos for, its called SomeDrunkGamer in which i drink and begin playing games. Im waiting to start with Outlast then A Machine for Pigs.

I work at Wake Forest University at the Deacon Tower doing Catering under the eye of Chef Swen Altis.

Im an avid gamer obviously or i wouldnt be here.

A previous Youtube channel of mine was NerdandaNoob. but i nerfed it by playing beathazard and uploading videos. So Joe and I could only upload 15 minute vids which doesnt a good channel make what with editing and what not. the channel is still up if anyone is interested in what we WERE starting.

Xbox LIVE:Punk Mafflez
Steam ID:Punkmafflez


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