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As it is finally the 12th day of the 2nd month of the 2009th year it's time to celebrate Hamzakah! We encourage everyone to take part in this wonderful occasion, and be a real man lik...


Missing my family. A PAX Shoutout.

Penny Arcade Expo 2008 - A Destructoid Experience. Heres an overused, but awesome picture. - Thanks GuitarAtomik. When I told my parents that I was going to travel half way around the world in order to attend an expo about video games, ...


Next Halo 3 FNF.

After reading Alex's latest FNF recap, it became clear alot of people are alienated by the newer Halo 3 maps, who has the and who doesn't. It seems like there are a few people who would like to jump in, but can't due to this factor. So, fo...


Macca's Christmas 2007

So for some of you, you are barely into it, for others it's all over for another year. I'm one of the later, so thought I'd share what gifts I got with all of you kind people, because I know you really care (right...). So, that's what I ...


Burnout Demo Is Up!

It's up on the Xbox Live Marketplace, not so sure about the PSN at the moment. First impressions: It's fucking brilliant. Graphically, the city you're racing in is really really great looking, and the cars look nice to boot. The game is...


IGN Reviews Alvin.

IGN has put their review up for Alvin and the Chipmunks, and have given it the abysmal score of 1.7/10. How this is possible, with amazing music like this: Here's the trailer: It's obvious IGN is bias against Chipmunks.


Street Fighter IV Release Date?

I was just reading 1up's coverage of Street Fighter IV, and noticed this in their sidebar: 15th June 08? That seems like a very specific date, think there's something they're not telling us? The only thing that I could think of as a reason...


My First Friday Night Fights.

Well, I just got done playing Halo 3 with a bunch of Dtoid guys, and it was really really great. Apart from the odd shitty game type, it was really fun. To any of you lurkers thinking about playing, do it. It's great. Oh, apart from a litt...


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