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Hey Capcom versus fans!

hey guys quick post today. Im trying to gather more friends for Tatsu vs Capcom friendlies. If you want a friend to fight with consistently, post your wii friend code and VS friend code below. Im doing this becaus...


Love/Hate: Scripted Final Bosses

Ah yes, the Final Boss. The gaming equivalent of a final exam, the final Boss is meant to put all the skills that you aquired throughout the game to the test. Some are Hard as Hell, and some are easy, but for the most part they function the...


Art? But of course!

Hey Destructoid! Macarratti here to blatantly exploit myself and shamelessly show off my artwork! Hooray! This is all part of a series for my college portfolio, and it revolves around the theme of "Movies that should be made/ re-made" and...


About Macarrattione of us since 6:03 AM on 09.25.2009

Howdy folks!!!How goes it? the Name's Macarratti! (Ma-Car-ah-tee)

Well, I guess I'll list my favorite games. seems logical after all...

Kingdom Hearts (I and II)
Final Fantasy IV,X, and XII
Chrystal chronicals
Super Smash Brothers (btw, I main Bowser and the 'Dorf)
The Wind waker
Ocarina of time
Majoras mask
Twilight princess
Super mario (1,2,3, 64 and sunshine and galaxy)
Resident evil 4
Metal Gear solid
Marvel vs. Capcom
Little big planet
Soul calibur II and IV
Mega man I, II and III
Super Street fighter 4 (Dan and Hakan)

BTdubs: Brawl code is 5069-3595-5653! and TVC code is 1806-3603-7918