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Finally something to blog about..

I got this in my email about 20 mins ago. "Hi Marcelo Abans, Congratulations! You have been selected from the wait-list for membership activation and immediate access to the OnLive Game Service " Awesome! I got into the founding memb...


"Casual Gaming" Reviews

Being that the internet is filled with keyboard cowboys and megabit muscle men I figured I'd post something that has peaked my interest lately and open myself up to some good 'ol flaming. Now the term "casual" doesn't mean shit since play...


Fuck Rockstar and GTA IV

I was really sitting indulging on all the GTA IV information I can gather. Multi-player information, Storyline, graphic engine updates, Screen shots, even that supposed GTA intro I have downloading as I write this. That was until someone ...


My Top 10 Games of All time.

I'm stoned out of my mind right now and read so much good shit from this year that it just made reminisce about how much I love video games and the role they have played in my life. They introduced me to this virtual reality that led to the...


Trademarked sounds

Remeber the Intel sound? It was 3 simple notes that let you know there is "Intel Inside". Now I'm sure they are still using it in ads now but I wouldn't know. I don't watch TV really, too busy playing TF 2 and WoW to care. Anyway I was look...


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