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Hey, look, another game podcast

So, I had started a blog elsewhere to talk about music, mostly because I was looking to avoid this username. Long story. Anyways, a friend and I decided to start recording a podcast, because podcasts seemed fun. I think it turned out pre...


Stopgap: "Just stick with it."

I have a really powerfully critical nerve. I assess things very quickly and I’m able to articulate why I like, or dislike, what I am currently experiencing. It’s one of my few gifts, and combined with my love of talking and expressing i...


Stopgap: "Play a guitar, not Guitar Hero"

I used to do this on an old blog, where I would just stream of consciousness write when I couldn’t think to do anything else. I'd call it a Stopgap, since I looked it up in a pocket dictionary and found it to be a funny term. So, here goe...


If You Love It, Change It: Piracy

(It seems redundant, but I fear what will happen if I don't say this: the following article is satire, and if someone already did this, I spent the last half of the semester trying to save my GPA and succeeding, so, I didn't see it.) I lik...


A Consortium of Things About Me

-Own six instruments, two kinds of production software, four amps, and have basic music theory training. -Possess two computers that I built, both Intel. One is my work computer, and the other is my multimedia/programming/gaming computer. ...



Hi. These are some guidelines. I hope you like them. --- (-1-) Life is absurd. Resolution: Life is absurd. Definitions: Life- The sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual Absurd- Ridiculou...


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