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A really awesome game review

Ok gais! Time for a totally awesome review! This will be a series of video game reviews for games that are my absolute FAAAVE!! And totally amazing. #4. Counter-Strike If you like gunz and pew pew non lazurz, you'll love Counter-Strike...


Ready to Sunday

So it's sunday! End of the week and a new one starts. That means I'm ready to Sunday and we're gonna have some fun Today! Yeah!!


I have a problem....with my mom

Ever since I could remember my Mom and me played video games together. It was weird at first, she would ask me to play Super Mario Bros with her and we'd go through all these games together as a team. ever since I could remember my mom an...


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Me? I'm just a straight up G. Seriously. I'm just your average African-American brother who loves the finer things in life like women and fine ass power gloves. LOL

I aint a gangsta but I will say that I can be pretty hard if confronted. I model my life after the great Malcolm X, always say the truth and if someone bites, back harder.

We all have to live our own way. BITCH.

I started playing games when my dad who's currently locked up for gang violence left me an NES for my birthday.
I played that thing all day as a lil kid. The rest, as Tupac said, is history. I'm black too, so I can say, Nigger