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Where have all the good single players gone? Why Multiplayer is taking over the world! Please help!

Alright, so I'm getting married in about a month, and I'm an XBox 360 owner. Why are those two things relevant? Well, being newlywed, I won't be able to afford two things....XBL memberships and Internet.

There in lies the problem. Most of my games I own I keep simply for multiplayer(CoD4, Gears, Halo). Most of the games I want will end up in the same list(CoD:[email protected], Gears 2) I've already beat the pants off of the 3 above listed games. And I fear that Gears 2 and CoD:[email protected] will let me down with lackluster campaigns not worth $60.

I know that games like Left for Dead will be out soon. And I'm reluctantly hesitant about that. I'm afraid the AI will be useless and I'm sure the true joy in that game will come online playing as a zombie or playing the campaign online with friends. Nevertheless, I play on buying Left for Dead. I need it, it has zombies.

And there are a few games in my collection that I still need to beat that have stellar single player campaigns(Half Life series, Bioshock). Not to mention, I know Resident Evil 5 will be mine the day it drops.

But, Toid community, I beseech you to help me in my quest to fill my catelog of games with better single player games. The days of online dominated gaming must end! We can't let the game companies bastardize our beloved video games by making it nothing but online! Please help me!

Thank you
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