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Quick Hit: Academic Stress and Games

So, strikes. They suck tremendous and copious amounts of ass. It's all about who's getting paid and who's getting laid, off, that is (har har). As a student in the University level of education, I have had the recent pleasure of living ove...


The Value of People

With all of the recent discussion regarding price and the value one places on a particular game, I thought it would be a bit refreshing to see another thing's price talked about. Since the advent of the videogame (I know flowery right?), ...


A Funny Thing About Menus

Quick thought due to my recent playing of Red Dead Redemption, which luckily blossomed into deeper thought about the games I play. The engrossing nature of RDR's delivery of its storyline is quite appealing: it places me in a world of host...


My Secret Identity

Meet Mike. He's fearless, enjoys the most depressing moments of other people's lives (characterized by their losses in various online fps games), and will be a dastardly maverick who will abscond with all of the guns dropped by goons in Bo...


MKSKILLZ16 says: Oh, Hi

Who the heck am I? Besides starting with an "original" intro paragraph (as you'll read or not), I consider myself a pretty awesome individual. Ouch, that sounds full of egotism if I've ever seen it. I'll start with my screen name: MKSKIL...


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I grew up playing games, from Dr. Mario on the NES to Left 4 Dead 2 on the 360. Games have proven to me to be the most fascinating form of entertainment, allowing for the greatest and most subtle of user expression.

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