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About MEECROBone of us since 6:47 PM on 04.03.2009

My name is Ryan Fornelius
age 18

Well, what is there to say about me? Well, I guess I should explain the username I choose, considering that it sounds pretty wierd. So you in the episode of South Park where the FCC allowed people to say "Shit" on cable TV, Cartman brought up how there's a swear-word called "Meecrob". So that's the origin of my username on Destructoid. Also, considering that this is a website dedicated mostly to video games, I guess I should do the same thing as well, and describe the details about myself that relate to said, video games. I prefer playing games on my PC; I'm usually into games that people would categorize as being "niche"; My 5 favorite games are System Shock 2, Okami, Jak 3, Half-Life 2 and Ico; My 5 despised games are Driv3r, Gothic, (almost any random JRPG), Sonic Adventure, and Total Annihilation.