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Hello, and welcome. My name is Me55enger, and I am trying out the new internet sensation of blogging! Yes, I realize I'm really late to the party. I also realize sarcasm doesn't come across well when typing. See if you can spot them all!!
I have been a life-long gamer, well, all of my life. I started with the Atari 2600, and just kept with it since then. I have currently been going through what some might call a mid-life crisis, or just really, really bad AADD. Either way you look at it, I am trying to take steps to become content in my life. You know that scene in Fight Club when Tyler talks about everyone realizing they're not going to become movie stars or rich? That's me right now, I just don't have the rubber band and some old guys testicles in front of me to make myself feel better about it. Jeez, I hope everyone reading this has seen Fight Club.
Moving ahead, one of the "keys to being content" is cultivating your interests. If I had to choose one of the many interests I have (blame that on the AADD), it would be gaming. What I've come to realize is that I haven't really ever done anything productive with it, so I decided I would start blogging about it. So, here goes.
Warning: I have never written a blog in my life, and I was going to follow the advice of the beginners area and read some others to get a feel for what type of layout I should follow, but then I decided, to hell with that, I'm gonna' do whatever I want with this, and if it doesn't follow someone's "code", fuck 'em. Yes, that was one sentence, created specially for all the grammar nazi's out there.

Now for a little history of the greatness that is me. I am married, 3 kiddos, and work in IT at a hospital. I am a really bad procrastinator. That's really all you need to know.
I remember my first game being Pac-Man at a bowling alley with my father. I started crying while I was playing because I was scared of the ghosts getting me. Since then, I have purchased (and subsequently sold) almost every gaming system that has came out since the 2600. I spent numerous hours trying to figure out Swordquest: Earthworld way after the contest was over, not realizing they were a series of games. I researched several encyclopedia's trying to figure out the "secret" of Star Soldier on the NES. I once played Ultima on the NES for over 24-hours straight trying to figure out how to get higher level spells for my wizard, only to find out I had them all along and only had to press the select button to get to the second page. I've taken many photos of game endings to send to Nintendo Power (Blaster Master and Crystalis come to mind), and even sent in some envelope art of Simon Belmont at one time. I played completely through Spawn on the PS1. I think that's enough to give you an idea.
In the last couple of years, my interest in gaming has waned. I really thought I was just getting older, but there were other things taking over my life. Family, job, poker, faint attempts at socializing. My biggest problem is time, but I'm realizing that I have to make time for what I love, regardless of sleep. I am not one to put gaming in front of family, which makes the fact that I just beat Mass Effect 2 a pretty big deal (more on that next time).
Anyway, I think I'll stop there. I'm going to use this as a sort of therapy for myself, and if people enjoy it.....who am I kidding.
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30ish married man with 3 kids (12-girl, 5-girl, and 5-boy). Currently going through mid-life crisis. Consider myself a video game fanatic since 1980. IT professional who wishes he never got in to IT. Live in a small town where gaming is not "cool". Finally starting not to care.