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What am I doing?


Dear friends! Thank you for your attention to my blog and your questions.
I'm doing a short film, which will become the basis of the game.

The plot of the movie:

Southeast Asia. A little boy, captured by a facehugger of the xenomorph, tries to escape from the city inhabited by monsters. Not all the inhabitants of the sinister city are as terrible as they seem. Among they, boy find a friends. With their help, the boy gets to the outskirts, where his old brother, from the Chinese triad, meets him. On a motorcycle with a stroller, in the rays of the rising sun, friends leave the sinister city.

Characters from different games that have become prototypes of my heroes and city inhabitants (the boy and the nun with my concept):

When the work on the film turns into a nightmare and dullness, I switch to "game mode".

Both the film and the game are make on Unity. This is my first serious experience. Everything is very hard but very, very interesting. While we work together - me and my girlfriend.

Yesterday I finished making a test zone for the character controller ("The self checkout queue at Walmart" :)) - a mesh that limits the movement of the camera. Now I can wander around my city:

All works like a shit, but I'm happy.

The game must be different from the movie. I have a little idea. I want to show the usual life of zombies and monsters. It should be stealth with elements of horror and action. The boy will witness everyday scenes from the life of the fucked up townspeople - swearing, disassembly and drunk fights. Maybe the boy will go unnoticed, and maybe he will have to participate in this shit. But he has faithful friends - two magnums of the 44th caliber.

This is all that came into my head now. About how things are going, I'll write here. You can also see my Russian blog - https://maddivisionsoftware.blogspot.ru/ There you can find out more about who I am.

I am very glad that I have hanging on a Destructoid. It seems to me like I found a good house :))) Time will tell.

See you later....

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