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QUANTIZED BLAZE is officially in my top 10 favorite shmups. A true gem from the maker of Nomltest FS and Sky Swimmer's Heaven, devoloper Keim (also known as Kei Mesuda) does it again. You are a stylish ship flying on a scrolling chequer bo...



HISHO AYU: DREAMPAINTER is a textbook vertical cute em up. One of my favorite features about this game is your girls speed. Also, your shooting at really random creatures. This games "enemies" are rubber ducks, flying swords, huge...


Aces of the Galaxy

How do you feel about Barrel Rolls? If your like me, you do a barrel roll at any given moment to spice up everyday life. This new XBLA title Aces of the Galaxy is perfect for you. Gamers like me love flying through space blasting our way th...


Ikaruga Flash

I wanna keep this one short so I'm going to just get to the point. I guess this has been around for a while.. but this is the first time for me. So fuck it. I feel like sharing. This is just a trial version of the epic game Ikaruga. Ika...


My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Remember me? I'm mattFOO mothafucker, don't forget that shit. I am the winner of the Turning Point Gaming Rig. There were hundreds of entries from gamers all over the world, but I am the lucky winner. You can check out the winning blog h...


shmups FOO!

So we all know shoot em' ups have always been a big hit. It seems lately since Ikaruga has been released on XBLA this has been the gaming genre topic of choice. I think this is just a glimpse of how many of us grew up to love this type of g...



Dell Latitude C610 1-GHz/733-MHz Pentium III-M CPU, 256MB of SDRAM, 512KB L2 cache, Windows XP Professional, 14.1-inch active-matrix screen, ATI Radeon Mobility graphics with 16MB of DDR SDRAM, 20GB hard drive, 8X DVD-ROM and 8X/8X/24X CD...


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