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What's in Jonathan Holmes' mouth?

I created the #HolmesHole you see above as an early birthday present for Jim (I'm sure you can figure out why), but the moment I posted it to the Podtoid Facebook group the community embraced it with open mouth. So far we've seen a Holmes...


Please don't tone down Shadow Warrior

"Those real tits?" Yesterday it was revealed that Hard Reset developer Flying Wild Hog is hard at work on a reboot of the 1997 3D Realms classic Shadow Warrior, and I could barely contain my enthusiasm. Seriously, just look at this commen...


Dear Samit

I get it, dude; there isn't enough sports coverage on Dtoid since you left, and that bothers you. But for the love of god, man: STOP SPAMMING THE CBLOGS!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, The Dtoid Community


A MODest announcement

Greetings, fellow Destructoid traveler! I come bearing exciting news! In an effort to cut down on spammers in the comments section, we've promoted several Dtoid community members to "mod" status within Disqus. (See, I told you this was e...


[NVGR] Say hello to H Andy Dixon!

Henry Andrew Dixon, born 11/13 (prime numbers FTW) and already breaking hearts Look out toddler ladies*, there's a new Dixon lad on the prowl!! Sorry for the shortblog, but I just wanted to share my good news and let you all know that I ...


[NVGR / Shortblog] Samit Sarkar and the Severed Penis

I think all this Hotline Miami fan art has gone to my head, because I've been having some seriously fucked up dreams lately. The first took place on Wednesday night. I dreamt that I was hanging out with Good Guy Greg when he began chokin...


'Cause I've got a golllllden tiiiiicket...

Click the pic to sing along... [Update 2: Got two shitty pistols. I hate my life.] [Update: Decided to reward myself when I hit level 20. I'll let you know how it goes.] I've made no attempt to hide my love for Borderlands 2. Even befor...


Attention Dtoid cbloggers: who's got dibs on Gaige?!

The four main Borderlands 2 characters may have already been snatched up by greedy front page editors, but the upcoming DLC character Gaige is still ripe for the picking! A badass Mechromancer, Gaige uses her mechanical arm to do all sor...


PAX 2012: Avatar Adoption and YOU!

We get a lot of questions regarding PAX avatar adoption about this time every year -- namely, "What the fuck is PAX avatar adoption?!" -- so I decided to put together a quick FAQ for those of you unfamiliar with this long-standing Dtoid t...


Meet the newest members of your Community Team!

As you may recall, we recently announced a few changes that directly affect you cblogging badasses. Many promises were made, some of which have already begun to be fulfilled, and more fruits of your labor will be seeing the front page soon!...


10 things you didn't know about Mr Andy Dixon

BECAUSE EVERYBODY'S DOING IT, MAN!* *And I missed out the first time around :) 1. I'm a published writer No, like, a real one. Back in my college days, I used to write a lot of short stories; as a creative writing major, I didn't have ...


Join us for an Xbox LIVE Community Playdate!

On Friday, April 13, from 8 PM to 11 PM Eastern, Dtoid will be hosting a Battlefield 3 Community Playdate on Xbox LIVE! Conor Elsea (Jon Bloodspray), Abel Girmay (THEbakerman30) and myself will be representing the Dtoid staff, and we’re l...


The State of the Community Blogs

Two days ago, EternalDeathSlayer wrote a blog that prompted a lot of you to air your long-penned-up grievances in regards to the Dtoid staff and, more specifically, the state of the community blogs. While none of us like hearing that we'v...



30 30 (<-- font size 30) 303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030 (<-- 30 30s) Oh fuck. Today is my birthday. (<-- 30 characters, including spaces) I'm 30. (<-- this one's just a fact) Holy fuck that's o...


T3HM0RR0W's 4V4T4R's PAX Adventure!

Hi! My name is T3HM0RR0W's 4V4T4R and I went to PAX with Mr Andy Dixon this year! Mr Andy Dixon let me borrow his account for the day because he's too drunk to blog, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my PAX adventure with you...


Review: Gears of War 3!!!* (*Lancer Avatar Prop)

[Please note that this is NOT an official Destructoid review. Please also note that if you actually thought this was an official Destructoid review, you're an idiot.] The release of Gears of War 3 is nearly upon us! In just six short day...


PAX 2011: Avatar Adoption and YOU!

I've been getting a lot of questions via PM and Twitter regarding PAX avatar adoption -- namely, "What the fuck is PAX avatar adoption?!" -- so I decided to put together a quick FAQ for those of you unfamiliar with this long-standing Dtoi...


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