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Hyped dissapointing that CCS: Clear Card's dub is a Funimation dub which seems to reusing the Tsubasa cast (which I didn't enjoy at all.)


Planet of the Monsters Goji is such an asshole. Like, he might be ever worse than Shin. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn son.


Yo; they did the Build twist. It's great. I'm glad they didn't change their mind midway like OOO had to with earthquake + tsunami.


I beat my first Souls game today. Cheesed but eh, still beat it. It was DS2:SotFS by the way. Looking Glass Knight is best fight but I loved the initial shots of the Aerie and Majula. Some really nice scenery in general. Now, I'm off to DS3!


So a friend got me hooked on Ultraman. We watched the Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle movie last week with the Revenge of Belial movie around Wednesday. We're tackling Geed right now since we've been doing the Zero/Belial centric stuff anyway.


I am so grateful for the block list. It's kind of hilarious because I never thought I'd use it.


This game is a treasure and at the same time, makes me sad Accel World's never gotten any games like SAO has.


Saw Your Name at a friend's house. Although I wasn't a fan of the narrative, it was a very, very, VERY pretty movie. Hard to deny how gorgeous it looks. I'd rank it on my personal ranking below Place Promised and Distant Stars but around 5cm/sec


Today's Kaixa Day, isn't it? Link: https://www.pixiv.net/member%20.php?mode=medium&illust%20=58964028


Man, now I'm seeing people make assumptions about 4chan with that whole Destiny kerfuffle. People assuming Kek originated on 4chan. Thank you, people who never played OG Starcraft with Korea and lacked a specific character set. But nope, it's okay!


Man, GAF has become a shittier shithole than I ever thought possible. It used to be at least readable. GG must've really done a number on it because that thread should have never reached 100+ pages.


Holy cow. I'm even more excited for MAPPA's Vanishing Line now. Should've kept it under wraps until its debut though. That would've been a great fakeout.


Finished Steins; Gate. That was one of the most mediocre stories I've ever read. This did not deserve the hype it gets. I liked Robotics Notes and Chaos Head a lot more.


Gundam SEED re-release? Wait, it's a redub not done in Canada? Screw off, Sunrise. First you recast Char (!!!!) then this. What do you have against Canada? What's next, recasting Amuro with Bryce Papenbrook instead of Brad Swaile? Seriously, don't do that


TECH NERDS, I NEED HELP. How big of a jump is going from a GTS 250 to a GeForce GTX 1050? I can get one for slightly under 200 and just that my GTS 250 doesn't support DX11.


Did TMS #FE's DLC get delisted or was it only a preorder/SE thing? Just picked it up and wanted the DLC and I'm not seeing any option for it.


So serious question; Why, with all these video game adaptions and attempts, has nobody attempted a live action film version of Ace Combat? It's cheesy enough as is and in addition, the serious moments are pretty great!


Where's all the money Sony makes from PS Plus going? It's definitely not going to the service infrastructure. Sad that you get locked out of your account when its on Sony's end and the service being kind of horrible.


Gridman anime! I'm squealing so hard right now. Aaaaaaaaaaa!


Well, damn. This went places. Super Magical Girl Taisen when?!


Saw The Last Knight. It's getting horrible reviews, and with good reason, but honestly, it's my favorite of the bunch. Nemesis was hilariously underused though, but man, they are so many different ways the sequel could go. Masterforce, Beast Wars, etc.


Thoughts on the conferences so far: EA- Worse than last year's. Somehow. Microsoft- Meh. Here's hoping Beth does better than the other two. I'll watch it tomorrow because having it at midnight, oof.


Dear Journal: Today I killed a flaming dog in an online game. I think it was called an Ifrit or something. It barbecued a man, promptly followed by swatting another man into a cliffside. It was fun. Yet here I stood, alone. I don't like being alone.


I need people! People to play FFXIV with!


Can't sleep. I swear, if the hospital misdiagnosed me, I'm gonna lose it.


Hard to believe I was scared shitless when we first met; saying we were making a terrible mistake. And now here I was today, balling my eyes out for somebody the old me wouldn't like. Man's best friend, true. You're with me til the end, Jack Daniels.


I'd just like to mention that I love everyone at Dtoid, including people I don't necessarily agree with. At least those people speak their mind and don't just say "I hate this company for making the game they want and not the game I want."


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