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The Future: Are we there yet?

Game developers and PR people are always promising us something (some more than others). And those of us that have been around long enough know that a lot of these "next big thing"s either don't happen or get changed around so much they ...


Left 4 Dead Review (PC)

4 player co-op? Check 4 vs. 4 balanced multiplayer? Check. Simple and straight forward gameplay? Check. Huge gaggles of the living dead? Double check! Valve seems to have a habit of making great games with balanced multiplayer and it ...


Much ado about cheat codes.

In the last few weeks I have rented a couple games for my 360 that have both gotten a pretty bad rap: Alone in The Dark and Bully: Scholarship Edition. Both games were plagued with glitches, control issues, and both left a bad taste in my ...


Obnoxiously Late Review: GRID

GRID is the latest racing game from developer Codemasters. Their previous game, DiRT, was an off-road adrenaline rush that was certainly different than other racers out at the time. About a year has passed since, and while not a direct sequ...


Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review

Like most of the Tom Clancy franchise you'll typically know what you're getting into before you start reading, watching, or playing it. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is no different. While the first Rainbow Six: Vegas game took the franchise into ...


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