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Europe gets Spore first?

This has got to be a joke. EA says Europe will get Spore Sept 5, 2 days before the US of A. Not that I'm so out of touch with reality that a 2 day difference is going to really ir...


Rock Band confirmed for Wii Rock band is confirmed for the Wii by Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello during a conference call. "In terms of pacing the next few quarters, you're probably well aware of the more than $2.5 m...


Just Another NMH Impression

Just wanted to get my impressions of No More Heroes out here before the hype behind it gets old. STORY If you're remotely interested in NMH, you already know the backstory. You play Travis Touchdown, an otaku who has come into possession...


MK vs. SF animations

Butmac put up a post recently with some vids. One of those vids was of an animation where Ryu and Scorpion fight. I've actually seen this before, and its not the only vid that the author did. That's only one of 3 animations in the serie...


Something that annoyed me about MP3

I finished MP3 about a week ago. I got 100% on my first playthrough, and didn't get "stuck" once, which says to me that this one was just a LITTLE too "user friendly" for my tastes. Overall though, it was an awesome experience and I would...


Where are my new Metroid videos?

The "Metroid Channel" on my Wii says there should be new videos today... Where the heck are they?! They suck for making us wait for these videos rather than posting as soon as "8.20.2007" rolls around, as in hours ago! Also, anyone else ...


Quake 3 Sequel On the Horizon

First off, I know somebody wants to say "But what about Quake 4?" That wasn't a fucking sequel to Quake 3, that was a sequel to Quake 2. Done. GameRiot posted an interview of Marty Stratto (Id Software's Executive Producer) talking about...


About Lukichone of us since 7:49 AM on 07.19.2007

My blog posts suck, I repeat post (a minimum of 5 times, even on my own blog), and then I hide all the entries because all I did was embarrass myself. I'm in the Air Force and stationed at Hickam AFB, HI. Its not as nice as you'd think, especially because it hampers my online gaming experience! Damn high pings...

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