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What's irking me. The PS4 is irking me.

Iíve long held this belief that consoleís are the best.
Ah, ah! I can see you pulling your faces already. If youíll sheathe your slammy slammy keyboard sassages for a moment, I can explain.
(itíll only be like, 2 lines. 3 at most)

Theyíre, for me, nostalgic. Thatís what imbues them with such sway. Your parents, virgins in the hobby that are video games, bought you the one with the blue mouse or the red hairy man and that shut you up at Christmas, well into your birthday.

That was a forerunner point, a launching pad to what iím about to say.
Yísee, as iíve gotten older and in some respects, wiser, we begin to expect certain things.
Certain things that, as consumers, we feel we should have.†
For all the Xboneís flaws, it has support in spades. Updates left and right, constant feedback; it really is trying to atone for the shitstorm. Iím not exactly a fan, shelving my 360 in favour of a PS3 roughly halfway into it's lifespan, though I do confess to like the Kinect.
I know.

Mistaking my friend for me and signing me in on his Xbone is a constant source of amusement between us, however, itís first and foremost a living room machine. Thatís it. I canít see it working as anything else, itís splitting itís devotion to gaming two ways, and they donít always meet in the middle.
So naturally, iíd prefer the PS4.

My love affair for Sony aside, itís not exactly firing on all cylinders just yet. No audio CD support, an easily accessible capture gallery only recently implemented (The share button and I seldom get along) and a severe lack of apps such as Youtube and Skype. I understand, but PS Vita has it soÖyíknow. Iím not saying that the system requires these for it to be a gaming machine, it should always be a gaming machine first and foremost, with an integral focus on THE GAMES. But for it to not ship with these seemingly simple features, for it not to be able to play fucking CDís? Thatís not right. You expect the car you buy to play your tasty ass jams, not just to drive from point A to B.

Itís almost like Sony are just letting the momentum carry it forward, like theyíre just conserving energy. Theyíve put so much stock behind it, yet theyíre treating it with the same grace of the Vita. Give it claws, give it a reason to compete without infringing on itís core. Great titles and indies are one thing, but you still need to adapt.
And where the fuck is the media remote? Come on guys, my free copy of Casino Royale was watched so many times.

Kidding aside, I know all of this will happen eventually, but for it not to happen now, for it not to happen at the start? It just seems a might backward, for me personally. I wonít pretend to know or comprehend the level of intricacy or design involved in designing a system and developing it. I certainly will not play the entitled card. Who the fuck am I to demand or moan that they include features I want. I knew what I was getting into when I bought the damn thing, early gen consoles are usually void of such things.

Itís simply a curiosity. One that I had to immortalise on a community blog. I'm really sorry.
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