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Why do you think PS4 is 'winning'?

Xbo- eh-hueheheh, Playstation 4! I've thought about this for a while. I've always been a Sony boy, always will. That being said, I loved my 360 for the first years, it had great exclusives. It was clean, efficient, a real joy. Then ( ...



I'm a fan of the original Alien. Now we have that bias out the way, let me say this is not a review. A review would entitle myself to the complete opinion gained from completing that which I would review. I have yet to complete it, but...


What's irking me. The PS4 is irking me.

Iíve long held this belief that consoleís are the best. Ah, ah! I can see you pulling your faces already. If youíll sheathe your slammy slammy keyboard sassages for a moment, I can explain. (itíll only be like, 2 lines. 3 at most) Th...


That Spaced out feeling.

Look, this isnít an article lamenting over the good olí days. Itís more a lot of words that I had to write down. I was playing Tomb Raider III one night after quite a nostalgic high from watching the TV show Spaced (all you ĎMuricans, yo...


Oh Dante, my Dante.

That's a reference to DmC to those who aren't avid readers of Virgil's Aeneid. A game that got a lot of stick, rather unjustly in my eyes. I can sympathize with a beloved franchise being twisted and bastardized, of course. If Uncharte...


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