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Plugged In! A video game music-based online radio show!


Are you tired of all that mainstream music (totally not hipster) pumping loud on the radio stations? Are you one of those people who was shunned at high school and college for listening to video game music because "it's not real music"? Do you enjoy remixes of your favorite Mega Man tunes and the occasional chiptune tracks?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, and really if you're on this site, chances are you did, then have I got the radio show for you! Join me and AV Cable (Alex) in "Plugged In!", an online radio show that is streamed live on a weekly basis. Tune in to listen to your favorite video game tunes! From Super Mario to God Hand, to Sword of Mana and Shadow of the Colossus! We play chiptunes, orchestrated pieces, 16-bit, 64-bit, remixes, arrangements, absolutely anything that was ever on a videogame or that is inspired by it!

To tune in, just go to www.scadradio.org at 6PM EST, when the show starts, and click on "Listen Now!" It's just that easy!

And hey, since we're such nice folks, we even allow listeners to make requests! Just go to our Facebook Page, my Twitter @luisill, or even call live our request line (which is available at www.scadradio.org), and you can be sure that we'll take your requests!

I've loved the Destructoid Community for years now, and I'm more than happy to share this with you guys. I hope I at least convinced some of you to tune in!

Remember, tune in through www.scadradio.com at 6PM EST. It's gonna be awesome!
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