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E For Effort: World of Warcraft.

Haters indeed, are gonna hate Let's start this article off right by saying that I really respect and thank blizzard for what they've done for the MMO genre (and online games in general). World of Warcraft is now the literal bar by which a...


A dying breed: Boss Fights.

First blog. I'm not usually vocal enough to voice my concerns about the industry in blog format, but a reoccurring trend in video games has been worrying me. It feels to me as if boss fights are slowly but surely being eliminated from the "...


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Uh, what can I say? I'm a generic 23 year old gamer in mid-sized town.

I like to read, write, and play games. I kind of dislike the surge in popularity of the word "gamer." I know its uncool and unpopular to hate on "casuals" but hear me out. If you cut down trees for a living, eventually people start calling you a lumberjack(Though I hear they prefer logger). Now, A lumberjack(or logger) might find it irritating if everyone who's ever cut down a small tree, trimmed a hedge, or mowed a lawn calling themselves a lumberjack. So why can't we do the same?

I really love fighting games but I'm not big on the tournament scene anymore. After I started running gaming events tourney players started to grate my nerves.

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