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The Next Silent Hill game should be a Wii game.

(Also for clarification I mean a Silent Hill by the actual creators of Silent Hill and not Homecoming.)

First off, you must think i'm stark raving mad, but hear me out. These are the events which brought me to this conclusion.
So today I found someone selling Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES and naturally I had a little freakout, problem is I didn't have enough money So I decided to sell an extra Wiimote I had lying about. So I brought the Wiimote upstairs with the little jacket on and I started thinking and it brought up a thought about a flash movie based on Brawl which involved bludgeoning someone over the head with a Wiimote wearing the jacket with rusty nails stuck to the top and I though about how it could be used as an emergency close combat weapon against zombies, Allthewhile I have an episode of Podtoid and Silent Hill came up and the thouht immediately came to me:

Silent Hill, notoriously known for having bad combat

Some Wii games are known for having bad unresponsive combat

And it just clicked in. Needless to say I spent the next 5 minutes running around my living room swinging the Wiimote about pretending I was James Sunderland killing the nightmare nurses, all while thinking how nice it would be to play a Silent Hill game in that perspective.

So that's my random thoughts. What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you enjoy a new game or ports, or do you think it's completely stupid, or are you calling the nuthouse on me? (No unintended offence to anyone who may be offended.)
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