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Skies of Arcadia impressions (As well as my first post)

First off, hello to all you Dtoiders out there! I'm very glad to be part of this amazing community. Anyways!

I finally picked up a Dreamcast and luckily the first game I picked up was Skies of Arcadia. I had already heard much about this game, one such claim was from Colette's own An RPG draws near! article.

First, the story. While not as epic as say Final Fantasy 3 (That's the SNES one to you) it was still an incredibly enjoyable experience. The characteristics of each character were quite nice, from the salty captain Drachma, to the womanizer Gilder, each character was an enjoyable treat.

The battle system really shines. One aspect I love is the Spirit point system, which really helps getting your foot in the door. Also, the aquired elements (Fire, Ice, Electricity) are no worry at all, unlike most RPGs where weapons are element specific, SoA has a simple system to easily switch elements on and off. The ship battles was something new I had not yet experienced, using a grid system for easy commands and felt very exciting to play.

The music is absolutely awesome. It set the game perfectly. From the dreading theme of Rhaknam to the catchy tune of the Blue Rogues home base. This is a must-have soundtrack for anyone who enjoys video game music.

While i'm not one to judge graphics, I felt as though these looked very good on the Dreamcast, they held up very well by todays standards.

All in all, this is a must have if you ever think about owning a Dreamcast, and this is going down as one of the best RPGs i've ever played, and this is only my first impression of the game!

Once again, hello to you all and i'm glad to have finally joined. (I refrained from gushing too much about the game, should I worry about doing that?)
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