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Animu GetNekkid. I have a problem, it's Valentine's Day and he's on my mind. Admiral Ackbong is going to kill me. Hope you all have a butt to tickle today! <3


Shoggoth, was it your birthday yesterday or today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY either way, sir!


I just wanna see the American's reaction. But also to highlight one of my favourite swear words: custard! EDIT: The fuck, this still is not working?!


The Moon landing was a hoax, Wes never set foot on the Moon's surface and any further allegations by Deadmoon will be ignored.


Wes enjoys midnight strolls into unfamiliar neighbourhoods so he can set off car alarms.


Wes still hasn't taken down his xmas tree.


You'd think we'd be trusted to treat each other with respect and decency around here. Where's the love? In time you will forgive me. #MikeMartinMondays


Get me the President! ...Oh, I am the President?. Free stuff for everyone!!! I should read my desk's name plate more often! #DeadMoonTuesdays


Flanx, here is your pre-alpha early access demo. It's no good, but since you're feeling blue might as well remind you you're cared about. NO, HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE EDDY GORDO. Me stupid hands. Different one comments.


While munching on a few turkey sandwiches I got to thinking of another bird, our boy Rico The Penguin. Hope you're feeling better and in a good place, pal. May your xmas have been merry and your new year rocks. Ah feck, may everyone's new year rock!


Ran out of stamps while prepping these, then I remembered I don't know your addresses. Oh well. Have a fantastic stress-free time, if possible, this year. Merry Xmas one and all! <3


Watching your lovingly crafted shitpost leave your safe hands and travel into the unstable realm of Qposts be like.


You've seen Karate, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. Now witness British Kung Fu. The craze is sweeping across my Great nation and is fast becoming the most popular martial art ever.




Hey, why not give fake medical advice and make the community laugh. For example: I'm not a doctor but you shouldn't eat cheese after midnight or you'll turn orange. AHAHAAHohfuck #Doctoid Also gimme your PSNs, I got PS4'd up and I don't know the father.


Animu !6-Bitsu. Quick (isn't it always a quickie) draft of Dtoid gaming historian, 16-Bit. Is it like looking in a mirror, bud?!!111?


We need your help, Dtoid. #WesLikesSandwiches but we're low on fillings. For just 2 faps a month we can feed Wes tonight. Open your hearts & fridges and give whatever you can. Just one ingredient will help build the perfect sandwich for pookums. Cont...


"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." – #BruceLee Should be 77 today. Happy Birthday, Mr Lee.


Ramen, Cats, knife skills and a cute Asian, what's not to like here?


About Luckrequiredone of us since 12:26 PM on 02.08.2014


Life doing its thing. You feelin' it, too?

Vanessa could take Samus.


Roughly Ten Things About Me:

I'm an European-Asian male living under the rule of a monarchy.


I am not a writer; I am a crayonologist. I enjoy shredding paper with pencils. It's extremely cathartic.


I'm very passionate about reading, it helps me pretend I'm English (wot wot). My favourite book is Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo".


I love listening to music on trains, in parks, sprawled out on my bed and during gaming. I like any genre; favourite artists include: Underworld, James Brown, The Police, David Gray, The Kinks, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix.


I adore film and popcorn. Popcorn slightly more. I couldn't pick a favourite film but I do tend to shy away from horror. Oh, fuggit I'll name-drop Leon and Gladiator.


Like fellow Dtoiders I also game.

| My Top Ten | My GOAT Game | My Sega Saturn |

Other things include: drinking too much tea, unashamedly singing poorly, making shallow attempts at keeping fit, and thinking too much.


Finally, I'm an enthusiastic cook. Currently obsessed with making Tacos. Was obsessed with quiche and focaccia.








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