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New game! And more to come.

I got a really nice birthday present. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I've finished MGS 2 in less than a day and a few days ago I started playing Snake Eater. The games look amazing! How awesome is it to have 2 of your favorite games in on...


About Luchione of us since 4:19 PM on 04.03.2013

Hello! My name is Lucía, and I'm from Argentina.
Huge fan of videogames and Tarantino.
I like good movies. (like Star Wars or LOTR)
I like rock music. My favorite bands are MCR, Placebo, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys.
I'm 14 years old.

My favorite games (at the moment) are: Silent Hill 2 (not the HD version, oh god no), MGS 2 and 4. Uncharted 2, RE5 and Bioshock.

One day I will get a gaming tattoo.
I promise!

(I'm a girl...)