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The Low(er) Tier Podcast: Episode 5 - A Moment of Silence feat: Zombie Platypus


Close enough....

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to The Low(er) Tier. Today/tonight, we bring you episode 5. In this episode Daniel and Mike rant. Latrell interviews forum celebrity Zombie Platypus and we go longer than we ever have before. This is our first (almost) 2 hr episode. No Contest Time this week (sorry), due to Mike's stupid surgery and new found addiction to painkillers, but winners of last time's have been notified via pm. That's all for episode news, so let's strap in for the ride, but don't tune out! Scroll below the link, to find our newest member!

Here be yer link mateys: Episode 5: A Moment of Silence

I bet scrolling down this far was hard, wasn't it? Now, we do have some very exciting news. A new addition to The Low(er) Tier family! Lola/ThatDocktorGirl, who shall be heading up our new bi-weekly blog series. On the weeks we don't post episodes, you will have awesome articles from her to look forward to and give you a nice break from the assholes you have to listen to on the show. Without further ado, we shall let her introduce herself:

Hiya, Iím ThatDocktorGirl and Iím the new member of the Low(er) Tier!! Iíll be writing articles on stuffÖ You knowÖ Basically anything that gets my mind going or something thatís got my attention in past 2 weeks or so. Iíll be the little cheese that packs a punch in the flavour department, between the 2 slices of toasty hot bread that is the podcastÖ FYI Iím totally lame, if you hadnít figured that out alreadyÖ

So Iíve been asked to write a little something to introduce myself, to let you get to know me a bit... First of all, feel free to call me Lola; ThatDocktorGirl is just my main ďidentifierĒ. Iím 20, from the Isle of Man. I started playing video games at about 6 years old - my first game is still awesome to this day, it was Parrappa the Rapper - and I still know all the words to the first rap!

The kinda games I like are totally varied. If I had to put a genre on it though, itíd be action - but I need a story to connect with it, or some kinda hook to just grab me. I canít just play a game for the sake of it, or for whatever social value it has if it doesnít have that special appeal to me.

I canít say for definite my all time top game, but the 3 that stand out for me (and this might tell you about me more than I actually can) are BioShock, Lollipop Chainsaw and Devil May Cry 3. Theyíve all got a special place in my heart. I would have included Borderlands 2 in that list, but thatís only cuz Handsome Jack is the man of dreamsÖ

Iíve never come across a game Iíve outright hated from the get-go - I rarely donít not-like a game - but there has been one I stopped playing which grabbed me at the start, and then bored me out of my mind before the 3rd level was up. I was more disappointed in it - was so looking forward to it and now I canít play it cuz itís not enough for this girlÖ Iím talking about Dishonored by the way =)

Outside of games, I love Batman!!! Mainly for the villains mind; if you follow me on Twitter, straight up itís obvious I love The Riddler. ďHushĒ was the first one I readÖ I was just hooked straight away - I like to think I have quite a respectable collection of Batman graphic novels and comics now. I can even rock a Harley Quinn impression yo!!

I like my anime and manga too - Black Butler, H.O.T.D, Ouran High School Host Club, Chaos Head - my favourite manga however (and Iíd love to know how many of you know this) is Kitchen Princess - itís super cute!! Itís a romantic little story about an orphan girl trying to find the love of her life (she has his spoon). Plus it gives you recipes like strawberry shortcake and stuff - itís so girly and lovely!!

Away from all of that - which I doubt Iím gonna be able to fit into any conversation here - Iím a huge follower of fashion. When Iím not reading or playing anything, Iím looking at fashion blogs on my fave clothing sites, going through the multi-country twitter accounts of my bible aka Vogue. Iím a total girly girl when I wanna be.

Well there ya goÖ Iím not the best at talking about myself in any way, but get me going about any of the above, itís quite hard to stop me from rambling on and on. You will find that out soon, Iím positive of that. I am quite approachable - so you can always leave a comment here and Iíll get back to you.

Cheers kiddos x
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