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My Soul Belongs to Columbia

Welcome to the next, in a series of blogs by Lola/ThatDocktorGirl for The Low(er) Tier Podcast. Slight spoilers(nothing major) for Bioshock: Infinite ahead, but also a nice personal tale. Enjoy!

If this reads like a squirrel whoís eaten a whole bag of sugar, and can for some reason type in English, thatís due to me being SO FRICKINí OVERJOYED!!!!!! Bioshock Infinite is in my heart and soul and is just so gosh darn AMAZING!!!

Right, a while ago when I wrote under my own profile on this here establishment; I kinda did a love letter proclaiming my undying love for Rapture and how nothing could really top that. (It was called My Heart Belongs to Rapture.) I think Infinite has actually beaten all ideas of awe and appreciation for video games that I ever thought I could have.

The first Bioshock game was the one that changed so much for me in so many different ways, and Iím not just talking about the story and setting and all the stuff everyone says when praising the game; but Iíve got such a strong personal emotional connection to Bioshock, and thatís where all the love for it comes from. Everything in that game is so much more heightened for me because of how I feel about it and how I felt at the time of playing it. So at the start of Infinite, seeing that lighthouse at that angle the camera went toÖ It was like coming home after a bad day and something youíve really been looking forward to that you ordered a while ago has finally turned up, and your bitter twisted heart just softens a little bit.

Iíll be totally honest; I cried at that point. And Iím not one for all that human emotion nonsense. The Bioshock games all have that feel of nostalgia to them, but my own personal nostalgia came flooding back with this; all the old feelings I had when I put the first game in my Xbox and when I got so caught up in it and that feeling of real escape from everything for the first time; it knocked me off my feet remembering that; I never expected Infinite to bring that all back to me at all.

So after I composed myself a bit, I did the whole go up the lighthouse and do the little bell code business (and got seriously freaked out by the red lights over the sea); it then came for the ride up to ColumbiaÖ And the first time seeing the fucking place set me off again! Itís so beyond beautiful, and is like nothing Iíve ever seen ever - I was hit with a sense of awe that Iíve never felt in my life. It fucked me up a bit! I couldnít take it in - I think I spent about 3 hours just walking through and around the first area and the fair and all the little details, just to let it sink in. Itís so gorgeous!!! And Iím a little obsessed with the quartet singing of ďGod Only KnowsĒ - that was just awesome.

I love Elizabeth from the second you see her. Thereís something with Elizabeth that just grabbed me by the heart and I truly felt everything for and with her. Iíve never really related with a character in something so strongly before. Some of the looks she gives Booker I know like the back of my hand; Iíve given them, felt the whole weight of them, that knowing but un-knowing. Itís kinda like looking into a computer-animated mirror in all honesty (except without the giant steampunk-esque birdy to guard meÖ but thereís still time.)

As you can probably tell Bioshock Infinite is just resonating with me something terrible. Itís hitting nerves and sparking up old chords. This is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Itís all very personal, Iíve never gotten so emotional from a game. Itís like itís appealing to the fangirl in me for the first game, and all the little nods to Rapture (I say little) and the drawing of a certain someone topped that off perfectly, and that was just near the start, but it was all I needed, anything more would have been too much. But then thereís the side thatís so much more, and this game to me personally is a bit like closure, but at the same time, itís in the name of it. That makes sense to me, ok?

So Columbia in terms of playable locations and the size of those areas isnít the biggest, as with Rapture, that was the same, but 2K have this fucking down; the details make it seem huge, like itís someoneís whole life in one picture. Everywhere is just so alive and eye-popping and you wanna look everywhere for any little thing, and the Tears just add to that! Like the one by the graveyard, in the house with the fallen down wall so you can jump into it - you know where I mean?

Iím so on edge writing this!! I donít wanna spoil any discoveries for people who missed anything! Like the song thatís playing in Battleship Bay, you can hear it quite clearly as youíre going into where the checks are being done - but I know too many people who didnít hear it or didnít even get it!! Itís irritating on so many levels to me!!! I feel like an overbearing mother, like this is my baby or somethingÖ Man alive.

Bioshock Infinite (and I am not digging people who just cut that down to Infinite - you need the Bioshock there, itís Bioshock InfiniteÖ Pushy mum mode againÖ sorryÖ) itís perfection, the greatest in the field of intelligent, thought provoking games, a fucking masterpiece. Iím in love with it. Itís not Rapture, and itíll never strike that chord with me that Fort Frolic did - which is good, Rapture has itís own place in my heart thatís in a completely different ballpark to Columbia.

Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite have book-ended a very significant time of my life, and I look up to and think the world of Ken Levine and all the glorious people of 2K, and Irrational, and I doubt Iíll ever respect such a creation and the people behind it like this ever again. You have no idea how much those games mean to me. Itís beyond anything.

Bioshock Infinite has reaffirmed my belief that video games can be more than just a game, just a story and even something to pass the time with. Consider this a follow up from My Heart Belongs to Rapture; this is My Soul Belongs to Columbia.
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