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MGS4 PS3 Bundle

All last week, all I could think of was the MSG4 PS3 Bundle. I had the money to buy it, but I was worried about actually getting it on launch day. Lake Tahoe isn't exactly known for it's (video) gaming community. The only place in town that one could even hope to buy the bundle at was the local K-Mart, and trust me when I say that this is one of the sorriest K-Marts around. But the store wasn't doing a midnight launch and I had to work at 8 the next morning.

Carson City has a Gamestop, but those lazy bastards wouldn't do a midnight launch either. So I called the Carson City Wal Mart (king of marts), and they confirmed that they would in fact be selling the bundle at 12:01 AM, but they would not tell me how many they had. Since it's Carson City I didn't expect more than 3 bundles.

So after putting the family to bed I grabbed my keys and headed out on my journey at around 11:00 PM. Little did I know that there was road construction (yes, late night road construction) on the mountain pass down to Carson. I'd just watched Jumper, and I really wished I had that ability now.

Usually Carson is a 20 min. drive, but I didn't make it to Wal Mart till 11:45. When I arrived there were a couple dozen cars in the parking lot, and I noticed a handful of teenagers heading in. So I hurried my way over to the Electronics department only to find it empty, not a single person around.

"Am I in the wrong place?!"

I scanned the displays and didn't see MSG4 or the Bundle anywhere in sight. Then 2 girls emerged from an aisle w/ a Wal Mart employee (Wal Martian if you will). They followed him to the counter and I followed closely behind. As we approached the counter another 2 guys appeared out of nowhere. They said they'd been waiting since 9. I didn't say a word. The Wal Martian asked us how many we wanted, each of the girls wanted one, some guy wanted 2, then me and another guy just asked for one each. So he goes in the back and comes out with 4 bundles.

"You, you, you and you." he said, pointing to us. "I recognize your faces so these bundles are spoken for. Meet me at Register 23."

The girls raised up in protest, "Hey! There's two of us! We only get one?"

"Sorry, but these three guys have been waiting too, and you girls were the last to arrive."

The other 2 guys had been waiting since 9, and I had just gotten there.

"HAHA, suck it bitches!" I thought. I didn't say shit though. I just made my way over to the register and bought my bundle. And I got a $100 Wal Mart card!
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