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For the PS3 Owners...

To any of you who own a PS3:

Have you experienced anything that looks like a Z-buffer issue in your games? I've got a first-gen 60GB model, and I get this irritating bug in all of my games where individual pieces of geometry will either disappear or turn to green silhouettes for a frame or two at a time. It never happens across the whole screen; it's always just one door, or a fence, or a character's face, or sometimes - and most amusingly - it's the skybox. So, obviously not related to the "did you get the $90 certified Monster cables?" question that support reps who don't have video engineering experience will always ask me.

I know some nVidia video cards have this problem, and it's related to the Z-buffer (it looks like these bits of geometry are getting rendered out of order). Since the PS3's GPU is made by nVidia, I figure it's somehow related. My games run fine on other machines, but this bug pops up in every game, leading me to believe it's a hardware issue.

Obviously I'll have to post a video so I can show it to Sony's support reps, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if this is some sort of freak manufacturing defect.
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