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Aristotle obsolete, sez Crysis writer

So I went to the IGDA game writing panel last night. The discussion was pretty straightforward, nothing particularly new coming up - at least nothing that hasn't already been said several times over. Mostly reiterated platitudes like "stori...


Questions 4 Teh IGDA?

Sup, kiddies. As a member of the New York chapter of the IGDA, I'm going to be attending a game writing panel at the New School in Manhattan at 6:30 tonight. Among the attendees are Daniel Greenberg (Lord of the Rings Online), John Boomer...


I ARE LIVE (and the case for specificity).

LIVE ARE ME. Sup, kiddies. I'm Lord Regulus (of Rev. Anthony's "LOL, Discussion Piece" fame), and you're watching Lord Regulus. With your host, Lord Regulus. On the Lord Regulus Network. All Lord Regulus, all the time. PRO TIP: Regulus wa...


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