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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

"The Labyrinth swallowed all..."

A deteriorating journal lies in the loose grip of a skeletal hand. The pages are yellowed, but legible, and the writing is only slightly faded.

Cover Page

To the adventurer who finds this journal:

I, the author, am Lord Zephyr, knight and scholar of the province formerly known as Windmere, northwest of Etria's lands. I ask that you report our failure to the Radha and to my lord Septimus.

Day One: Arriving in Etria

My first day in Etria was an exciting, yet energetically taxing one. I had many tasks to complete... Firstly I had to establish what is called "temporary citizenship" in the town of Etria. Any adventurer who plans to stay in Etria for extended periods of time (most of them...) have to fill out paperwork, pay a residency tax, and find lodging. Of course I could have simply stayed at the Adventurer's Guild for free, but someone of my stature requires more... intimate quarters.

I found a suitable inn near the town square by the name of "The Rooster Inn". If you're looking for reasonable prices the place cannot be beat...

A few pages have been torn out from here. You turn to the next legible page

Dar Four: The founding of my guild

Today the only thing worth mentioning is the establishment of my very own guild of adventurers.

When I arrived at the "Adventurer's Guild" I was welcomed by a grizzled old veteran adventurer wearing an eyepatch. He explained the rules and goals of adventurers, all of which I already knew of course.

After discussing the situation with him I signed a contract with the Guild. The name I chose for my guild was "Borroz". If that name rings a bell with you then I know that we have succeeded. If not, well, I think you already understand.

The Guild leader asked if I had recruits in mind. Firstly I answered "Yes; first of all you can register my squire and my bodyguard. I handed him two applications...

Name: Raven
Occupation: Landsknecht and Squire to Zephyr

Name: Akarius
Occupation: Protector and Bodyguard to Zephyr

The rest of the party was hand-chosen by me at the guild's meeting hall. I picked only the would-be adventurers who shared my unending curiousity for the Labyrinth.

Name: Gabriel
Occupation: Medic and Apothecary in training at Ceft's

Name: Sasha
Occupation: Troubadour and dancer out of work

Lastly, I told the Guildmaster, "Register me, as well. I won't miss any of this."

Name: Zephyr
Occupation: Alchemist and Scholar of Alchemical Research

A huge section of the journal from here on is soaked with water damage. Yet again you turn to the next legible page.

Day 35: The second venture within a new stratum

The thickness of this jungle has placed a damper on the party's spirits. After travelling for ten minutes my lungs are coated with the thick, humid air. I am not so sure that entering this part of the Labyrinth was a wise idea...

Day 36

I have become too weary to waste energy on this journal. I will be brief. I believe that we are being hunted. Sasha thinks that she heard a squawk, but being a man knowledged in birds I quieted her suspicions. The thing following us is no bird; it's much too large.

Day 37

I have apologized to Sasha. The beast that was hunting us is of a rare species only found within the Labyrinth, known by the Radha as 'Moa'.

We encountered the bird when Akarius came to me, worried about food supplies. He told me that he doesn't think that we can last another day in the Labyrinth on what we have. I agreed, and me formulated a plan. We had to go on the offensive.

The bird was very tough. Its powerful legs, like that of an ostrich, propelled it in a charging line that could knock all of the party off its feet. Gabriel was kept very busy this time. Thank the gods that he went through the certification for Salve spells. If not for that we would surely have lost. Coupled with my powerful Volt spells and Sasha's Song of Bravery we managed to man-handle the beast to the ground. That night we ate well.

Day 38

Today we return to Etria through the 'Geomagnetic Field'[/b]. I believe I have figured out the physics of the field... it should lead us right back to the forest entrance.

On the way to the field a group of several purple, gelatinous creatures. At the time we were still exhausted from the previous encounter... To put it bluntly, I feel that I have failed my comrades. My two vassals from the front line are now dead and buried in the ground. I can only hope that the apothecary can save them. Those of us who remain are critically injured. Another encounter of any sort is likely to result in our deaths.

We lied in a clearing, gasping for breath. Something about this venom constricts the airways even further, which is dangerous especially in this dense humidity... As we tried to continue a young adventurer donning a rainbow-colored scarf ran into the clearing.

The poor boy ran screaming past us, with a Moa on his tail.. Yes, another one had surfaced on the other side of us, as if anticipating our escape. At this point none of us could speak, but I continued to write in this wretched journal, the only thing I have left.

Blood is smeared over the writing here. This is the final entry. You flip to the last page.

And thus is the tale of the great Borroz Guild, dedicated to the Truth behind the Yggrasil Labyrinth.
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