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Why Chop Till You Drop should be a beginning, not an end.

Despite what the head of Capcom France said, Capcom apparently hasn't given up on such games for Nintendo, as Seth Killian states.

Among his words were that Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop sold well (even if well below what they hoped it would), and even hinted at possibly more games converted to the Wii.

Now before some of you start crying about more games remade as crap, I'm going to assure you that is not the case. The reason is that the game is not some information black hole about its development. As in Capcom can learn about what was done and improve upon it, the same way most game developers have been doing since the the Golden Age.

(I wrote "most" because they are exceptions, but this isn't Ninjabread Man and Anubis II.)

Specifically, there have been very, very few conversions of HD games to the Wii. Off the top of my head, I have this game, Rockstar Presents Table Tennis, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare (World At War was a multiplatform game, so was made with the Wii in mind). Three games aren't exactly a lot to practice and improve with, especially since they were all different developers.

But CTYD is also notable in that this was converting one of the few true HD games, in that a major part of the game (not just visuals) was made possible by the multi-core processors, and Capcom and TOSE had the task of trying to make that work on a single core CPU. Now if you've paid attention to firsts in electronics and gaming, you should know that most just outright suck, and that it takes many iterations to perfect them.

(Just an example, the first commercial motion controls in gaming were items like the Power Glove and U-Force. The Wiimote on its own is virtual reality compared to those.)

So with more such games converted to the Wii, we get more practice. Thus the games will be better. Heck, this doesn't apply to just conversions. Look at the graphics for sequels on the same system.

Super Mario Bros/Super Mario Bros 3 (even the US version of 2, despite being based on a different game)
Resident Evil/Resident Evil 2
Rogue Squadron II/Rogue Squadron III (Factor 5 even said they could get more polygons after they made II)
Metal Gear Solid 2/Metal Gear Solid 3
Final Fantasy on at least three different systems, IV/V/VI, VII/VIII (even if you don't think it's as good, the graphics are advanced), X/XII

And those are just those I can remember without looking any more up. The point is that if Capcom is motivated to improve up what they did (and considering the reception, I dare say they would be), then they will improve.

BTW, I do like CTYD, but I do know it could has room for improvement (which will even be the subject of a later blog post), but the point is that there is such room, and rather than calling for people to give up, you should do like me and call for those people to keep trying until they get it right.
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