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Gameranking knocks down Zelda score. GTA IV conveniently back on top. (Updated)

Just look up the all-time rankings on gamerankings.com. Ocarina of Time now has a score of 97.4%, when it had a score of just under 97.7%. Guess what two games also have a score of just under 97.7%.

Now normally I wouldn't mind which game is in what place. Yet the fact is that OoT got knocked down just when GTA IV's reviews were leveling out, and both versions had just gone below OoT's score.

What the hell?

BTW, this could be an honest mistake, but the timing makes it mighty damn suspicious. Worse yet, gameranking is owned by CNET, which also owns gamespot.com. Now they've been bought out by CBS, but that was just yesterday, so we don't even know what influence CBS has right now.

Either way, to quote a forumgoer on another board, "Along with the lost source (for OoT) comes a healthy dose of lost credibility for Gamerankings."

Update: It wasn't gamerankings. cubed3.com changed their review system, which lowered Ocarina of Time. However, they chose to round down, when the score they adjusted should have been rounded up. That is still a faulty way to adjust the reviews, so they still screwed up. It just was another site than I thought.
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