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Apples and Oranges... TO THE DEATH: Ocarina of Time vs Twilight Princess

Quite simply, I take two or more games that I think are more or less equal and compare them. But instead of the overall picture, I compare the points that are close enough to properly compare.

Some of the points are my personal opinion, while some are points that I've noted other gamers comment on.

Also, if I don't comment on comparable points, that means I think they are equal. And that means the majority of points for these games, which is why I consider these games mostly equal. Even if a game has more superior points, it's just a fraction of the overall game. So this should NOT be taken as a way to claim one game is overall better.

Anyway, since Ocarina is the older game, it goes first.

Ways in which The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is superior to The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess:

1. Ocarina sounds better than wolf singing.

Making a wolf howl in three octaves just to make a melody just seems off to me. And you can't do much save for the fixed melody spots. The Ocarina playing is much more fun.

2. You can get the the first dungeon sooner.

This is something I didn't mind in TP, but I can see why others would prefer this.

3. You can actually control day and night.

Makes getting the creature collection quest much easier.

4. Spiders not as scary.

The skultas barely even look like spiders in OoT. In TP, they are a real terror to someone even mildly afraid of spiders. And the Temple of Time boss, holy shit. At least the first boss in OoT can go down with a well times slingshot pellet and some sword slashes.

5. Dungeons have less padding.

I like the dungeons in both games, but while both games have padding in these (especially if you want to get every chest, heart piece, and collection monster), it just wasn't as much in this game.

Ways in which The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is superior to The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time:

1. Midna doesn't go "Hey!" "Listen!"

Okay, I wasn't really bothered by that, but then again, I never really played with the sound very high, so it just didn't grate in my ears so much. But for others, this is definitely a plus. Midna's prompts are rare and usually just a flashing button on the screen and a subdued beep.

2. You can skip most of the cut scenes.

Not all, but when you are replaying the game, it is nice to just move on to the gameplay.

3. Redeads are easier to deal with.

What's the best way to deal with one of these?

In OoT, it's either using the Song of the Sun and running away like a coward, or using the fire arrows... which you can only use as adult Link and can't even use in the town square, where you meet them the most.

In TP, you can either use bomb arrows to take them out at a distance, or use the ball and chain later on.

4. Better filler to get to the third dungeon.

To get to Jabu-Jabu's Belly in OoT, you need to sit through an unskippable cut scene of King Zora SLOWLY waddling out of a doorway.

In TP, you get to fight off enemies attacking the wagon with the Zora Prince. Okay, it's an escort mission, but this one is easy. Just slash at the moblins, boomerang the wagon when it gets hit, and shoot your arrows at any flying monsters.

5. Water Temple keeps water control in one room.

Okay, the switches to start the water flows are at opposite ends, but the actual switching is just in the center room. You don't need to go to other rooms, play the song, turn on and off the iron boots if necessary, and repeat if the level requires it. You just find the direction you need the water to flow, and hit the right switch. Each direction even has a switch on each floor for convenience.

6. Zelda's dress is hotter.

Okay, not the young Zelda, you sickos. I mean the adult Zelda.

Dress in OoT. Concept Art, and In Game.

Okay, the lower polygon count likely meant that a dress that fancy couldn't have too many curves, but it still looks weird.

Twilight Princess Dress.

7. Clawshot more useful than hookshot.

Basically it does almost everything the hookshot does (unfortunately can't take out skulltas in one shot), plus you can hold onto things and eventually dual wield them.

8. Travel is much more convenient.

In addition to all the warp spots, Epona can be gained just before the second dungeon, and there are plenty of whistle grass spots to call her.

9. More intensive sword combat.

Once you get half the sword moves, certain battles become some of the most awesome duels of the entire series.

10. Sniper Scope with the arrows.

Yeah, a lot of long distance shots become much easier thanks to that, especially with the boss of the Temple of Time.

Finally, some things that could go either way.

1. Wolf control might be really annoying in TP.

This actually depends on which version you have. I have the GC version, so the control is basically like controlling human Link, but with fixed secondary actions. I guess with the Wii version the control just doesn't work as well for some reason.

2. Which fetish that happens to Zelda do you prefer?

If you like her able to change her gender, you will like OoT. If you like her hypnotized, you will like TP. BTW, Smash Bros Melee has her both. You get the Shiek ability, and Mewtwo hypnotizes her in one mission.

3. Do you find adult Ruto or restored Midna hotter?

I'm not going into their other forms. That is just too many kinds of wrong.

4. Link without his shirt off in TP.

Could make TP better, if you can stand the fact that in that part, he's sumo wrestling with a much more portly guy, who also has his shirt off.

5. Fishing comes in different styles.

Which one you prefer truly depends on the game.

6. Final Ganon battle.

Really, both are great. One starts with a shot that I swear Peter Jackson lifted for the Lord of the Rings prologue, and one has another intense sword battle.
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