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SNES REVIEWS: Out of This World

For those reading one of my SNES review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept:

"While the SNES was a constant presence in my childhood, I never had a large collection of games for it. In fact, many of the games I played I still don't know the names of. It wasn't until I say the uproar over Breath of Fire 6 that I knew I played Breath of Fire 1 in the SNES.

After reading the excellent top 100 SNES games list by IGN:


I decided to go back and play those 100 games and review them. Well, as I looked closer at the list, I realized that there are many genres that did not age well from the SNES (racing, sports) and many other genres that I am simply not good at (shmups, arcade shooters) and others that I need other players to play against for an accurate representation (fighters). Also, I played many of the more well known games such as Final Fantasy and Super Metroid."

This is going to be another legacy review from the forum I first started this task, so I am still embarrassed about showing it here.

Also, here are a number of extra rules for Destructoid:
-If you have any suggestion of a game that is not in the IGN list that I should review, please suggest it.
-Make a bet on each game to check whether Chris Charter played it or not.

Without further ado, here is:

69- Out of This World:

Year: 1992.
Genre: Prince of Persia-like adventure.
Publisher: U.S. Gold.
Developer: Eric Chahi.

I canít figure out who is more unfortunate, the physicist Lester Knight who gets teleported from his very comfortable life to a hostile alien world, or the gamer who gets hooked up to this extremely difficult game.

My sympathies would without a doubt go to the unfortunate gamer who finds himself attached to this sadistic game. Of course, the gamers who indeed get attached to this death-fest are already accomplished masochist gamers, whose persistence this game rewards.

MAJOR TIIP: use the emulatorís built in Save/Load function to save yourself alot of time.

If you are turned off by extreme challenge, treat this review as a humor piece, if not then you will not need this review to convince you of the pains OotW provides.

Regardless, here is the review;

The Fun Factor:

This game is not fun, by any stretch of the imagination. Unless you are into the common cold, or haven and enema, you will not enjoy the game. As even the admittedly cool parts will not grab your attention because you will be tensely waiting for each jump, trying to kill each alien, and otherwise focusing on holding on to your dear 1124018th life.

What supposed ďfunĒ you get from this game is the extreme sense of accomplishment when passing a difficult sequence. And even then, your short live euphoria will immediately disappear as you listen to the death music for the 284750th time.

This game can be cleared in 20+ minutes, but the amount of trial/error will keep you away from the finishing line for hours. If you donít use the Save/Load function of the emulator, you will see yourself repeating the same screen 4750287 times. Which will make this game longer than it should be. As the controls are clunky, and hence you will often make mistakes in your keyboard.

However, the sheer sense of satisfaction, coupled with tension at the end screen is unparalleled. Satisfaction at finally beating the game, and tension that it might not be over.
Regardless, the only people who will enjoy this game are the masochist of the gaming world, and they will enjoy a lot. Yet, normal people will not enjoy this game at all. So it averages to:

Score: 5


This game defines challenge to a new level. It includes dying 7027520 times, cursing 4872099^380 times, and the possibility of crying a lot.

This is most definitely the hardest game I ever played, and it is a fair game if you use the save.load function. It requires abnormal reaction speed, a good amount of creative thinking, a dash of luck, and a hell lot of patience.

This is not a game for the faint of heart, so casual gamers should leave immediately. This game will test you, will bash you, will kill you, would steal your joy, and would let you reach the ending line just for an untimely laser blast to kill you as you are about to do a victory shout.

It took me 3+ hours and 174 deaths to finish this game using the Save/Load function, and would imagine that number to be multiplied without that. Never have I felt so helpless in a video game, where the controls and the game both conspired to make the game a living hell for me.

Score: 12 (yes 12, do you have a problem with that)


From the beginning of the title screen, to the snippet we get from Lesterís diary. We understand this is a special game ins a special place.

You get teleported to a dangerous world, and from the start you struggle to survive. Any mistake will cost you your life. The graphics make you feel that way, the music, and the atmosphere.

Then you are imprisoned with an alien that will share the reminder of the journey with. You need to survive, and you know the alien needs to survive as well because you need him, and he needs you. More could have been done to explore this last bit, and as such that was lacking.

The style of the game looks like something out of Sci-fi novel, and it does not disappoint, even if the graphics donít even come close to exploring the capabilities of the SNES reminding us of the weakness of American developers back in the day.

Score: 7


The graphics are very very bad, to the extent that I at first did not want to play the game. This game did not age well graphic wise, and although the experience is great, you feel the graphics made it not much so.

Another area where this game is aged and clunky is the controls, which are unresponsive at times, and simply ridiculous at others. The SNES had 4 buttons, it would have made sense that the running button be different than the shooting one.

Out of my 174 deaths, half were due to unresponsive controls, which if were not for the Save/Load function I would have dropped the game for.

Score: 1

Lord Spencerís Score:

This is definitely and experience, and is a must for gaming masochists.

Although, to be honest, this game had more ideas, cinematic sequences, challenge, fun, and actual heart put into it that a lot of games today. The lack of budget and the inexperience of the developer stopped this game from being a classic, but it is a game with balls.

Something that is lacking from a lot of todays games, and Arsenal.

Score: 7

Overall: 5/12/7/1/7 32/50

Another 32 entry, which is good for a game that aged so badly.

Tips on the game: (donít look if you donít want any spoilers):
-There aren't any, just die and learn.

That is that for the Out of this World death-fest.

I would play Mega Man X3, but as I would be very biased towards them, and since they all were released in a collection edition on the PS2, I would refrain from doing a review, but here is an idea of the score I will give.

Therefore, I will jump over MMX3 and go to the extremely lovable Lion King inspired game, aptly name The Lion King; which sits at #66 in the IGN list.


For previous entries in the SNES reviews, see:

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77- Shadowrun
76- Soul Blazer
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Thank You for reading
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