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SNES REVIEWS: Illusion of Gaia

For those reading one of my SNES review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept:

"While the SNES was a constant presence in my childhood, I never had a large collection of games for it. In fact, many of the games I played I still don't know the names of. It wasn't until I say the uproar over Breath of Fire 6 that I knew I played Breath of Fire 1 in the SNES.

After reading the excellent top 100 SNES games list by IGN:


I decided to go back and play those 100 games and review them. Well, as I looked closer at the list, I realized that there are many genres that did not age well from the SNES (racing, sports) and many other genres that I am simply not good at (shmups, arcade shooters) and others that I need other players to play against for an accurate representation (fighters). Also, I played many of the more well known games such as Final Fantasy and Super Metroid."

This is going to be another legacy review from the forum I first started this task, so I am still embarrassed about showing it here.

Also, here are a number of extra rules for Destructoid:
-If you have any suggestion of a game that is not in the IGN list that I should review, please suggest it.
-Make a bet on each game to check whether Chris Charter played it or not.

Without further ado, here is:

74- Illusion of Gaia:

Year: 1994.
Genre: Action RPG.
Publisher: Nintendo.
Developer: Quintet.


The graphics are logical improvement on Soul Blazer. However, the music was not. There were less memorable soundtracks than Soul Blazer, and some dungeon music never registered to me and I could not remember it.

There was nothing special the plot of the game was causing, no effects you make on the environment outside of the ending. And aside from a stylistic Babylonian theme, there was obviously some confusion from the director (boarding a plain on its wings, why the frak is this inventor not working for a king if invents freaking airplanes).

All in all, this was downturn from Soul Blazer, and if it were not from some interesting towns and back-stories, I would have given this a lower score. But the towns, the knights awesome hair, and the final boss theme saves this game from a one.
Score: 4


The improved graphics, solid gameplay, and existing plot will make this game playable for any RPG fan. However, gamers should not expect a classic here, but rather a solid experience.

Score: 7

Lord Spencer’s Score:

Exchanging forms was really cool, and I wish they had more forms, and a more fluid transformation method.

This game is better than Soul Blazer despite the issues I mentioned. The thing about Soul Blazer is that its simplicity is never aging, while IoG’s improvements have long been outdone by other RPG’s. However, if I take the game in its own context, I see an unpolished gym.

A bummer that what could have been a classic was not potentially realized.
Still a milestone though, not a significant one though.

Score: 7

Overall: 6/8/4/7/7; 32/50

Another game that gets a 32. Usually, sequels are more harshly critiqued than the originals, And for a sequel to get the same score as the original is not bad.

Tips on the game: (don’t look if you don’t want any spoilers):

1- The Red Jewels the Jeweler is looking for are missable, and you should look for them from the start of you want to finish this side quest.
2- SAVE YOUR HERBS, do not use herbs outside of bosses, and if you use more than a herb on a boss, your strategy needs working on.
3- The Last boss is tough as nails, you will need at least 6 if you are a casual gamer.
4- In Euro, there is a line that moves, stay in line to get free upgrades (can only be done once).
5- Whenever you see a dark portal, change shape, more often than not, you will need to anyway.
6- Save often.
7- Study the patterns of enemies for an easier time.
8- Defeat the male vampire first.
9- Make sure you have the key items required to advance.
10- Get at least 20 red Jewels.
11- Defeat every enemy in the room to level up.

Ended the second of the Trilogy

Although Terranigma is not in the IGN list, it is considered the final of this “creation” trilogy, and as such will feel bad on not playing it.

Also, it has a very good reputation, and IGN might have just forgot about it.

So that is what I will be playing.


For previous entries in the SNES reviews, see:

90- Blackthorne
78- X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
77- Shadowrun
[url=Ended the second of the Trilogy Although Terranigma is not in the IGN list, it is considered the final of this “creation” trilogy, and as such will feel bad on not playing it. Also, it has a very good reputation, and IGN might have just forgot about it. So that is what I will be playing.]74- Soul Blazer[/url]

Thank You for reading
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