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PlayStation 1 REVIEWS: The List


It came, it saw, and it sure as hell bloody conquered. With its entry into the console race, the electronic giant, Sony, was a pro athlete competing against high school kids. Not only did Sony convincingly "win" the 5th generation console wars, it forever changed the gaming landscape. At least, it started the change which was finalized with Sega's exit with the Dreamcast.

Simply put, Sony managed to grab all the momentum of the SNES and run with it, expanding gaming into a worldwide phenomenon. Selling better than the N64 in both North America and Japan, but also selling over 10M units in the rest of the world.

Sony did this by having the largest quantity of quality games, with most of the star publishers on the SNES migrating to the PS1. It had an early start to the N64 and managed to get exclusivity deals with major publishers. Also, the 5th generation is where 3D gaming exploded, and Sony's console was better at it than the Sega Saturn which released at the same time.

Unlike the Saturn, I actually owned a PS1 growing up and played many games on it. Therefore, I won't review many games that I normally review because I already played them before. Yet, because of the extensive size of the PS1s library, there are actually many good games that I never played.

As such, a top 100 list for the system is not sufficient for the system. Still, I struggled to find a top 200 list. As such, I looked at the top 100 lists from Retro Sanctuary and supplemented it with other sources, bring the list up to 200 games.

The priority for the listing goes to Retro Sanctuary since I used their lists in my other review blogs.

As always, I am going to review games that interest me from that list from the top. Like with my other review list, I am not going to review:

  1. Games I already played.
  2. Sports and Racing games; these genres have only gotten better with time.
  3. Multiplayer Focused games, so that takes party and fighting games off the mix.
  4. Genres and games that don't interest me at all, I am simply terrible at shmups.


  • Games in bold are games I am going to review.
  • Games in bold italics are ones that I would ordinarily review but have already played before.
  • Games in regular text are ones that I will not review. The reason I a not reviewing the game is in between the brackets.
  • Games with S before them are supplements from the same series. I will play these games, but I will only review them to completion if I enjoy the game. In case the supplementary game is better than one included in the list, I will make it a priority to review it.
  • Games with A before them are based on other than the Retro Sanctuary list.

The Retro Sanctuary List with Supplements:

  • 100- Puzz Loop. (Puzzler)
  • 99- Disruptor.
  • 98- Gex: Enter the Gecko.
  • S- Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.
  • 97- Vanark (Couldn't find a working ROM).
  • 96- No One Can Stop Mr. Domino. (Multiplayer-focused)
  • 95- Madden NFL 2000. (Sport)
  • 94- Return Fire. (Multiplayer-focused)
  • 93- Roll Away.
  • 92- Wild 9.
  • 91- Syndicate Wars. (The PC Port is better)
  • 90- Jet Moto 3. (Racing)
  • 89- Bloody Roar 2. (Fighting)
  • 88- Team Buddies. (Multiplayer-focused)
  • 87- Speed Freaks. (Multiplayer-focused)
  • 86- NHL 2000. (Sport)
  • 85- Real Bout Dominated Mind. (Fighting)
  • 84- Silhouette Mirage.
  • 83- Worms Armageddon. (The PC Port is better)
  • 82- Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. (Racing)
  • 81- Doom. (The PC version is better)
  • 80- Alundra.
  • S- Alundra 2.
  • 79- Rollcage Stage 2. (Racing)
  • 78- Star Ocean: The Second Story.
  • 77. RayCrisis. (Shmup)
  • 76- Smash Court 2. (Sport)
  • 75- Breath of Fire 4.
  • S- Breath of Fire 3.
  • 74. Vigilante 8 2nd Offence.
  • 73. Mr. Driller. (Puzzler)
  • 72- Micro Machines V3. (Multiplayer-focused)
  • 71- MDK.
  • 70- ISS Pro Evolution. (Sport)
  • 69- Gradius Gaiden. (Shmup)
  • 68- Klonoa.
  • 67- Point Blank. (Rail Shooter)
  • 66- G Darius. (Shmup)
  • 65- Future Cop LAPD.
  • 64- Fear Effect 2.
  • S- Fear Effect.
  • 63- Oddworld: Abe's Exodus.
  • 62- Parappa the Rapper.
  • 61- Warcraft 2: Dark Saga. (The PC version is better)
  • 60- Suikoden II.
  • S- Suikoden.
  • 59- Tomba 2.
  • S- Tomba.
  • 58- Dead or Alive. (Fighting)
  • 57- Tenchu 2.
  • S- Tenchu.
  • 56- Exhumed. (The PC version is better)
  • 55- TOCA Touring Cars. (Racing)
  • 54- Spider-Man.
  • 53- Soul Blade. (Fighting)
  • 52- Colony Wars Vengeance.
  • 51- X-Com: Terror from the Deep. (The PC version is better)
  • 50- Einhander. (Shmup)
  • 49- Rival Schools. (Fighting)
  • 48- Devil Dice. (Puzzler)
  • 47- Mega Man X4.
  • S- Mega Man X5.
  • S- Mega Man X6.
  • 46- Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and Innocent Sin.
  • 45- Silent Bomber. (Arcade-style)
  • 44- Dino Crisis 2.
  • S- Dino Crisis.
  • 43- DoDonPachi. (Shmup)
  • 42- Valkyrie Profile.
  • 41- Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. (Dreamcast version is better)
  • S- Tomb Raider.
  • S- Tomb Raider II.
  • S- Tomb Raider III.
  • 40- Darkstalkers 3. (Fighting)
  • 39- Rayman 2. (Dreamcast version is better)
  • 38- Time Crisis. (Rail Shooter)
  • 37- R-Type Delta. (Shmup)
  • 36- Syphon Filter 2.
  • S- Syphon Filter.
  • S- Syphon Filter 3.
  • 35- Threads of Fate.
  • 34- Super Puzzle Fighter. (Puzzler)
  • 33- Tobal 2. (Fighting)
  • 32- Final Fantasy Tactics. (Remastered for the PSP).
  • 31- Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0. (Racing)
  • 30- Quake II. (The PC version is better)
  • 29- Grandia.
  • 28- Kurushi Final. (Puzzler)
  • 27- Crash Team Racing.
  • 26- Front Mission 3.
  • 25- Spyro: Year of the Dragon. (Remade for Current-Gen Consoles)
  • S- Spyro the Dragon. (Remade for Current-Gen Consoles)
  • S- Spyro: Ripto's Rage. (Remade for Current-Gen Consoles)
  • 24- Wipeout 3 Special Edition. Racing
  • 23- Silent Hill.
  • 22- Command & Conquer: Red Alert. (The PC version is better)
  • 21- Vagrant Story.
  • 20- Medal of Honor: Underground.
  • S- Medal of Honor.
  • 19- Street Fighter Alpha 3. (Fighting)
  • 18- Grand Theft Auto 2.
  • 17- Tony Hawk's Skateboarding 2. (Sport)
  • 16- Final Fantasy IX.
  • 15- Crash Bandicoot: Warped.
  • S- Crash Bandicoot.
  • S- Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Strikes Back.
  • 14- Chrono Cross.
  • 13- Driver.
  • 12- Resident Evil 2.
  • S- Resident Evil. (Remade for the GameCube)
  • S- Resident Evil 3.
  • 11- Final Fantasy VIII.
  • 10- Civilization II. (The PC version is better)
  • 9- Ape Escape.
  • 8- Ridge Race Type 4. (Racer)
  • 7- Soul Reaver. (Dreamcast version is better).
  • 6- Xenogears.
  • 5- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • 4- Tekken 3.
  • 3- Final Fantasy VII.
  • 2- Gran Turismo 2. (Racing)
  • 1- Metal Gear Solid.

Additional Games Compiled from Other Lists with Supplements:

  • A80- Theme Hospital.
  • A79- LEGO Racers.
  • A78- 40 Winks.
  • A77- Chicken Run.
  • A76- Bomberman Wars.
  • A75- Tail Concerto.
  • A74- Battle Hunter.
  • A73- Eternal Eyes.
  • A72- Monkey Hero.
  • A71- Blaster Master: Blasting Again.
  • A70- Alone in the Dark.
  • A69- Dragon Valor.
  • A68- Carnage Heart.
  • A67- Glover. (N64 version is better).
  • A66- Croc: Legend of Gobbos.
  • A65- Vanguard Bandits.
  • A64- Thousand Arms.
  • A63- Clock Tower II.
  • S- Clock Tower.
  • A62- Saiyuki.
  • A61- Saga Frontier.
  • A60- Legend of Mana.
  • A59- Kartia.
  • A58- Guardian's Crusade.
  • A57- Chocobo's Dungeon 2.
  • A56- Incredible Crisis.
  • A55- Brigandine.
  • A54- King's Field III.
  • S- King's Field II.
  • A53- Mega Man Legends 2.
  • S- Mega Man Legends.
  • A52- Wild Arms.
  • S- Wild Arms 2.
  • A51- Monster Rancher.
  • S- Monster Rancher 2.
  • A50- Little Big Adventure.
  • A49- Discworld Noir.
  • A48- Harvest Moon.
  • A47- Skullmonkeys.
  • A46- Nectaris: Military Madness (Strategy)
  • A45- MediEvil II.
  • S- MediEvil. (Remade for Current-Gen Consoles)
  • A44- Pac-Man World.
  • A43- Shadow Madness.
  • A42- Bust A Groove.
  • A41- Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror.
  • A40- Tales of Destiny II.
  • S- Tales of Destiny.
  • A39- Kagero: Deception II. (Multiplayer Focused)
  • A38- Dragon Warrior VII. (Remade for the 3DS)
  • A37- Brave Fencer Musashi.
  • A36- In the Hunt. (Shmup)
  • A35- Zanac X Zanac. (Shmup)
  • A34- One.
  • A33- Rampage World Tour.
  • A32- (C-12) Final Resistance.
  • A31- LSD Dream Emulator.
  • A30- In Cold Blood.
  • A29- Crusader: No Remorse. (The PC version is better)
  • A28- Rapid Reload.
  • A27- Fighting Force. (Beat-em-Up)
  • A26- Metal Slug X.
  • A25- Arc the Lad Collection.
  • A24- Jade Cocoon.
  • A23- Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.
  • A22- The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.
  • A21- Galerians.
  • A20- Tempest X 3. (Puzzler)
  • A19- Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.
  • S- Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete.
  • A18- Strider 2.
  • A17- Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. (Remastered for the PSP)
  • A16- Vandal Hearts.
  • S- Vandal Hearts 2.
  • A15- Ehrgeiz. (Fighting)
  • A14- Heart of Darkness.
  • A13- The Legend of Dragoon.
  • A12- Twisted Metal 2.
  • S- Twisted Metal.
  • A11- Jumping Flash.
  • A10- Bust-A-Move 4. (Puzzler)
  • A9- Legend of Legaia.
  • A8- G-Police.
  • A7- Bishi Bashi Special (Minigame collection)
  • A6- Ghost in the Shell.
  • A5- Bushido Blade. (Fighting)
  • A4- Die Hard Trilogy.
  • A3- Policenauts.
  • A2- Vib Ribbon. (Rhythm)
  • A1- Parasite Eve II.
  • S- Parasite Eve.

Requested Reviews:

  • Granstream Saga

Notice how many games can be put in a top PS1 games list, and I still see room for more games I played ane enjoyed but don't see here. Considering the massive number of games I am planning to review, I am going to set a rule for myself.

If I am not enjoying a game within 5 hours of playing it, then I am going to write a quick-fire negative review with a score below 5. If I start disliking my time with a game after 10 hours, then I am going to write a more detailed quick-fire review, with a score of 5 or 6.

The compilation reports are going to be based on the Retro Sanctuary list only, but I may consider reporting on the other games as well. Note that I disagree about the placement of games on the Retro Sanctuary list, and I think there are notable omissions as well. Games like Lunar I&II Complete, Wild Arms 2, Arc the Lad Collection, Tales of Destiny II, Twisted Metal, and Harvest Moon definitely deserve a spot on that list.

Outside of List Reviews:

This list is only based on the Retro Sanctuary list as well as other lists and supplementary games considering the breadth of each franchise. As such, this extensive list of over 200 games might be missing some lesser-known games. As always, I welcome any suggestion of games I should be playing, whether they are on the list or outside of it.

Please note if any of the games above that I am thinking of playing are worth it in any way. Games in bold I will review unless someone gives me a compelling reason not to.

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