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Hello all, I have been blogging here in Dtoid since the start of 2014. In the beginning, I really did not think I would continue blogging for such a long time. At first, I only started with the goal of finishing up my SNES reviews series, which is still ongoing now (that�™s a long time coming). However, I managed to branch out into other Review series now, as well as other blogs and topics.

In an effort to keep all my writings organized in one place, I am going to categorize all my blogs here for now and the future.

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Here is my more personal blogs. Mostly, these are simply off-topic blogs rather than actual personal writings.

Attempts at Humor:

Whether these attempts work or not is up to your judgment; some of the readers seemed to enjoy them.

Bloggers Wanted:

Here is where I am putting my responses to the Bloggers Wanted topics Dtoid usually puts out. Each blog has the BW title before it, so you know exactly what the theme is.

Something Something Videogames:

Here is where I discuss things related to videogames, from game mechanics discussions to angry rants.

Where the Hell is... :

This a series that I wanted to start for a long time. Many of the best game franchises for me have died as the generations moved on. The PS3 seriously crippled the Japanese gaming industry, and the mobile market attracted many of its talents. In this series, I take franchises that I am interested in, and write a full retrospective look at their entire history, and analyze why they died. Finally, I conclude each entry with a hopeful imagining of their possible resurrection, which in most cases is unfortunately as mobile husks of their former selves.

So, yeah, enjoy:


Since I have a lot of reviews, I am just going to put in the review list link which then links to all the other reviews.

The SNES Stuff:

The Genesis Stuff:

The Wii Stuff:

The DS Stuff:

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About Lord Spencerone of us since 5:57 PM on 01.12.2014

Hello all, I am Lord Spencer, your friendly neighborhood royalty. Yes, the ancient bloodlines are letting absolutely anyone in these days.

Being the lurker that I am, I have been following Destructoid for more than four years. Well, its 3 AM where I live now, and I just plunged in getting HUGE in the way.

Here is hoping for a fun time.

Oh yes, here is a little more info about me that is probably not as interesting as I think it is:

-I owned and played about 1000+ games.
-I owned and read about 2000+ books (I counted comic books I read as a kid so this is not as impressive as it sounds).
-I absolutely love Legos.

Out of all the games I played, I only regret playing a few. I am a big fan of gaming, and thus I really like most of what I play.

Seeing as my top 10 games of all time would change depending on the day you ask me, I am just going to put in Random games I don't think are in anyone's top 10 list:

-Blood Will Tell
-Mega Man Legends 2
-Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
-Donkey Kong Country 2
-Suikoden 2

Oh, and here is a link to my blogs:
My Blogs