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Honest Request for Writing Feedback


Hello fellow Dtoiders.

Just recently, I have finished a project in the blogs that I started since joining the site way back in the beginning of 2014, and that is to comprehensively review the 16bit generation. I finally finished reviewing the Genesis, which took a year and half from when I first finished reviewing the SNES.

The point is, it took a lot of a time, and a hell lot of blogs to reach this point.

Now, I will be embarking on another project, which is to review the 5th generation of videogame consoles.

However, I really need your feedback on my blogs, which is why I am requesting feedback on my reviews formally with this blog. You can provide feedback for my other blogs and recaps as well.

Feel free to provide feedback in any way you choose, but try and concentrate in the following areas:

  • Review Length (Typically, my reviews range from 900 to 1300 words).
  • Review Style (Should I keep the 50 points system?)
  • Blog formatting (Are there enough pictures and is the blog easy to follow?)
  • Writing style (I guess this is a very open-ended category)

In my experience, the best feedback generally follows this model:

“I like something that you do, the blog could be even better if you try and do this”

Again, feel free to provide feedback in any way you choose (you could even tell me that I am a Nintendork and that I suck). Your feedback will help me become a better blogger, and that in turn should provide better content for you to read.

This goes for feedback on all bloggers work by the way, so feedback away….

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