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Emuparadise going down is a significant blow to the Retro community. It was one of the safest archives of easily accessible Retro games in the net, and it allowed passionate gamers (like myself) to experience many games they would have never been able to


Just finished Arkham Knight. One of the most boring games I ever played. Felt like work completing it, and it is the definition of busy-work gameplay. Semi-open world and reliance on the Batmobile dragged the game down. Terrible pacing and side-quests.


The Switch's 2nd year is obviously slower than its first. Especially if you owned a Wii U. For non owners of that unfortunate consoles, most of its ports are new games. It reminds me of the PS4's first year, but w/o Call of Duty.


Microsoft will not catch up 2 the PS4 this generation. There is no way it can. However, they have shown that they learned their lesson, and are probably ready to start swinging at the gate for their next console. So ready they are already talking about it


I fully expect this to be Sony's year, as unlike last year they will show games with actual release dates.


If they released the new Pokemon game with the explosion of Pokemon Go, Nintendo would have absolutely broke all sales record for a Pokemon or a Nintendo game. Now, I think this has the potential to sell-well, but it will surely anger the core fanbase imo


I managed to catch a Flu in New York. Didn't even know they had that Pokemon released and now I am on a 600$ a night bed. WHOOOOPEEEE


I went to Nintendo NYC store today for the first time ever. It was as exciting as I expected it to be. Excellent staff, and so much memorabilia. Managed to take a picture of the famous Gulf War Game Boy and got me some Hanafuda cards.


Time in the internet is like bungee jumping. The first few moment are exhilarating, fun, and exiting. However, if you keep hanging down,the blood rushes down to your face, and the abyss start's staring at you. Moderation is key


Legitimate and well-thoughtout blogs do not get a fraction of the traffic the newest troll blog got. Don't reward such writing with the attention better spent to other blogs.


Apparently, games are pushing, and have always pushed, a rightwing ideology. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/12/video-games-fuel-rise-far-right-violent-misogynist Never knew Splatoon was a hawk's wet dream. Couldn't read w/o vo


I am in Brussels in my Vacation and I have the fucking flu. Which is why I am in Dtoid being part of this latest Jed Drama instead of being at the Grand Place taking photos like a tourist. I will be in Bruges tomorrow begging waffle shops for napkin


Thank You Dtoid for bringing back the CBLog Sidebar. Much appreciated from the CBlog community. *hugs and kisses*


While Dtoid's dedication to always improving is laudable, the new layout is a net negative imo. It buries the CBlogs further away from the front-page and affects one of the most important parts of the Dtoid community. Please change back


Two things can make the Switch a success, a Yo-Kai Watch & a Monster Hunter games. This will allow it to kill the 3DS & Vita and supplant their user base in Japan. That will be the only way 3rd parties will consider staying. It could be a successful Vita


Seriously, the Switch's presentation wasn't that great (solid C+ or B-) but this complaining about its price is just full of shit: At launch PS4 = $400 console + $60 game + $60 Online + $60 cont = $580 Switch = $300 + $60 game + $70 cont + online = $49


I am not spam, I am a regular active member of Dtoid community. I am a human being. Can I PLEASE not have to go through more than 100 Captcha responses a day to enjoy this site? Can I PLEASE post a blog without having it crash because of a Captcha q


If you write a blog, here is a hint; DON'T FORGET THE TITLE. I forgot to write a title for my latest blog, and now it disappeared forever. I guess I will have to beg Lazarus to work again.


I think there should be a clearer community tag in the navigation bar. I didn't know I could click in that green thing until I accidentally clicked it


Genesis REVIEWS: Bubble and Squeak


NOW, I NEED TO FUCKING REWRITE 3000 WORDS. Fuck it, I am not going to blog anymore, not that anyone actually fucking cares, and Lazarus didn't fucking work. Seriously, fuck this shit.


SERIOUSLY FUCK THIS. I have spent a week writing this one blog, and I fucking LOSE IT ALL in one click. I was trying to get the stupid editor to work, but NO, it must BOLD ALL THE LETTERS. So I FUCKING REFRESH and LOST IT ALL CAUSE ctrl+v wouldn't work


These quickposts are burying the hard work of bloggers in the main feed. Please have separate feeds for both. A quickpost takes 10 minutes to make, while a blog can take 5 hours. It's not fair for both to share the same feed.


About Lord Spencerone of us since 5:57 PM on 01.12.2014

Hello all, I am Lord Spencer, your friendly neighborhood royalty. Yes, the ancient bloodlines are letting absolutely anyone in these days.

Being the lurker that I am, I have been following Destructoid for more than four years. Well, its 3 AM where I live now, and I just plunged in getting HUGE in the way.

Here is hoping for a fun time.

Oh yes, here is a little more info about me that is probably not as interesting as I think it is:

-I owned and played about 1000+ games.
-I owned and read about 2000+ books (I counted comic books I read as a kid so this is not as impressive as it sounds).
-I absolutely love Legos.

Out of all the games I played, I only regret playing a few. I am a big fan of gaming, and thus I really like most of what I play.

Seeing as my top 10 games of all time would change depending on the day you ask me, I am just going to put in Random games I don't think are in anyone's top 10 list:

-Blood Will Tell
-Mega Man Legends 2
-Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
-Donkey Kong Country 2
-Suikoden 2

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