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Back in Black: A Few Thoughts on Rock Band 4

I didn't think I'd have a reason to post here ever again, but hey, I'm more than happy to start up again!  I had another blog post about this exact same thing good to go yesterday, but either Firefox or Dtoid ate my post, so let's...


The End

Welp, it's official: the last DLC for Rock Band will be April 2, 2013. Maybe another post later. Right now, I'm tired.


LoopyChew's RB Wishlist, Part 4

So a lot's happened since I last released a wishlist. Between putting Guitar Hero on ice and the recent announcement of Ubisoft's Rocksmith, the music game industry has been shaken pretty hard. (I'm waiting on more detail about Rocksmith ...


Es geht Alex: On-disc RB songs are cursed

(Dtoid apparently missed this article when restoring old blog articles; I'm reposting it again for posterity! Thanks for keeping tabs on it, Flixist!) Originally dated November 4. Minutes ago, John Drake confirmed that RB3 will not play ei...


Tick, Tick, Boom: PowerGig goes for the low blow

Anyone following the plastic instrument genre with any sort of reasonable enthusiasm are aware of Power Gig: Rise of the SixString. The five of you who follow my blog may have seen my thoughts on the game, at least early impressions from w...


LoopyChew's RB3 wishlist mix tape, part deux

I'm going to throw ten more songs out here for your perusal, and see what you think. WARNING: None of these songs are over twenty years old, and still no heavy metal. 21. "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" by Morcheeba (Fragments of Freedom, 20...


LoopyChew's RB3 wishlist mix tape

I think I've already defined this blog as primarily a Rock Band ranting page, so I figure I'll throw out a few songs I'd like, much in the vein of Xzyliac's post. He's already got pretty similar tastes, it appears, but I have a few alterna...


Power Gig, won't you ease my worried mind?

Between the little information available to date about the game and Cena's recent report of Power Gig's presence at PAX East/E3, I honestly believe that this game will be very much DOA, deservedly or not. (And from what I've been seeing, i...


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I'm just this guy, you know? A thirty-something and probably the quintessential Sino-American geekster, with the only significant difference being I live nine hours ahead of Los Angeles.

My preferred game genres are music/rhythm games and the occasional FPS/action RPG (Bethsoft RPGs, Mass Effect, etc.). Rock Band 3 and variants of Rock Band probably inhabit 90+% of my gaming time, with the rest mostly devoted to things like the latest Bethsoft release or whatever game du jour happens to be out there. Before Rock Band, there was Guitar Hero and DDR. Less so nowadays, although I'm still happy to play HVAM on singles expert since apparently I don't quite have the muster for HVAM doubles anymore.

I currently don't buy Activision games because I don't like the publisher, even if I like the games or developers. I actually enjoyed what I've played of Guitar Hero 5 and DJ Hero, but I'm adamant about not purchasing their games. Possibly used. Maybe next time I'm in the States, I'll go to a GameStop or something, I dunno.

But enough about me. How are you doing?