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About Looptronone of us since 10:06 AM on 06.08.2008

Played video games forever and thank god I did or else I would've been caught up in all the stupid crap in my city. I've had friends that got caught up in drugs and everything that haven't gone anywhere or are dead because of it while I just stuck with the games.

Final Fantasy 7, Diablo, Jet Moto, and a few others were staples when it came to the Playstation era. Before that however I played a lot of SNES and Genesis, especially the Genesis where I had maybe upwards of 60-70 games?

Then I discovered the competitive part of Street Fighter and I've been playing ever since the 10th grade on a competitive level. I do my own hardware work on my arcade sticks and consoles and controllers and I build and mod PC's.

Right now I'm in college and working on getting an arcade cabinet in my room. It's something I've always wanted and feel that I can finally get since I've saved up some money and am out of my original house.