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Probably getting CoD:WaW 5 extra shooty game for Christmas. Worth it?

Is it really worth playing? Half my friends list is playing it every night, and while I love me some Left4Dead, it can be a bit difficult to find a game with four people I can stand to listen to (counting myself). But I played the beta for World at War and pretty much put it away in disgust after a few days because it simply wasn't anything other than CoD4 with crappy guns, different skins, and dogs (which are somehow more effective than hovering attack choppers).

Can someone out there give me some reason not to turn this game in for store credit, completely unopened the day after Christmas? I miss playing with all my friend's list pals, but I'd hate to open the game, just to play it once and then put it up on Swaptree.com after puking a little.

I'm all for advice.
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