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Hopping on the favorite game-quoting bandwagon. "If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If my fate is to be destroyed... I must simply laugh!!"




Oh shit, we're actually getting the Taiko Drum game for Switch! I wonder if it will work with an imported drum peripheral if they don't also bring that over.


Popular around the network: A Month-Old Article With No Comments


Someone else took the pic, so it's not quite #selfietoid but considering how rarely I'm willingly in pictures... Anyway, here's me with Suda51.


PS4 wanted me to free up over 60 GB to download a 1.33 GB patch... I'm used to stupid storage management on Sony consoles, but REALLY? What kind of morons birthed this brainchild?


My response to Kimishima's defense of the Switch launch lineup: https://twitter.com/logeon524/status/826835485322514433


Oh man, you guys, you know that part of FFXV where the guys did the thing, and it was all like "whoa?" That sure was a thing, am I right?


I don't interact through the QPs and comments as muc has I should, but I'm happy to consider myself part of this community. Whatever you celebrate this time of year, I hope you have/had a good one.


I guess I'll jump on the #Juic3toid train. I don't interact all that much outside the Discord server (and miss seeing you there, you succulent peach), but thank you for all that you do for this human collective of cobwebs.


So, is DToid ever getting a proofreader? Just wondering, because I know at least one person has offered to do it for free on multiple occasions. So many glaring errors that didn't have to make it to publishing. T%20


WT gifted me a nympho Rowlet who is popping out eggs like Kazooie. If anyone wants a Rowlet, hit me up.


Dear UPS, Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you


Me, just before uninstalling. See you in a year or two, Far Cry: Nuke City.


Is it too much to ask for "article" titles that say if the content is mostly in a podcast or video? Like "Video/Podtoid: [insert title here]?" Wasting a click when all I want is text content pours sand down my taint.


Good evening! I present to you all, Fire Challenge Chicken Ramyun with kimchi and stir-fried sriracha teriyaki chicken! #Dinnertoid


Sheesh, Yoseph is on fire tonight. No, really. We burned him at the stake for this one.


Oh, the things we learn in the Discord chat...


Oh hey, look what came in! I'd also be showing Gundam Breaker 3, but USPS was too stupid to just put it in the same box and left a "we suck, come get it from us" slip instead. Eee, the Blanc figurine is so cute and her head moves! :D


My spirit animal.


Oh boy, there's nothing I love more than when an enemy I've fought loads of times sucker punches me with a move I've never seen before and kills me as I'm on my way to regain souls I lost to a boss (that killed me as I dealt the finishing blow).


For those who dream Lollipop Chainsaw would cross over with Persona 4, tonight's K-Pop Kupo is dedicated to you! Twice's "Like Ooh-Ahh" has it all: Zombies, a cheerleader, Chie after swimming in a Pepto Bismol lake... Oh South Korea, I bloody love you!


N'yah, see... Tonight's K-Pop Kupo is getting a little jazzier and a lot sexier with the video for Secret's "Poison." All I can say is, I hope they never find the Secret antidote!


For the first of many nightly K-Pop Kupos to come, I give you Girl's Day's "Darling." Sweet, yet sexy with a nostalgic sound to perk everybody up as the days grow warmer. It may not be summer but here in Florida, we know nothing else!


The only reason to visit Florida.


Holy hell... My mouth and intestines can handle the food equivalent of Xenomorph blood, but today I learned that my fingers are weak bitches. Remember to wear gloves when you're messing with habanero-level or hotter peppers, kids!


Kick? Ban? Whatever, holding my tongue was getting tiresome. Fun while it lasted.


Roses are red, Violets are blue. Your waifu is shit.


Huh, I think we broke LightningFarron19, you guys.


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