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We OWN Everything!! Even COD: MW2

As a console gamer I have come to the stark realization that we own the video game world. We are the unequivocal rules of all things with control pads and pixels. There are many different ways to play games but we know how we do things is above all other things. It is also known as perfection.

So when the PC Community has an outcry over our new game, it is our prerogative... no it is our duty to respond. Even though we have no business to get involved and voice our opinions on these nerds. We understand they are nerds because they play games on the PC. After all we all own PC's too or a computer of some form. And there is nothing nerdy about owing a computer, only playing games on one. Well actually there are plenty of newly developed games for PC only that are kinda edgy, so its not nerdy to play those games. Of course owing multiple console systems is just par for the course; but because they are console systems its not nerdy to own more than one.

Nerd: Someone who owns a computer and chooses to use it for gaming when the same title is available for a console.

And their rage is apparently evident through their vocalization on forums. They are clearly raging with more rageification than ever before. Many of those who have pre-ordered MW2 have actually canceled their orders with no real justification. That's right, many have gone right into a Game Stop and used their receipt to get their money back. And even though we pock our heads where they don't belong, we could never feel the hypocrisy of a counter-rage. After all we are perfect owing consoles and all.

Take a Look!!!

And really PC's are just too expense. We all know that a main stream PC system that will play most any game on medium-high to high settings only costs about $600, assuming you have a hard drive, case, and optical... which we all do. And really with all of our consoles, extra controllers, and gadgets we may have only spent $800. Wait a sec... anyway perfection must proceed!

But we know that as console gamers our systems never lock-up, crash, red ring, have drive failures, or need updating. Right? We know that our online servers are ALWAYS up. And even though XBOX Live only costs $50 a year on top of our internet costs, we gladly pay this to have such a perfect community.

And we are perfectly happy to have systems that cannot be upgraded and gain outdated graphics as quickly as NVIDIA can make new graphics cards (which is FAST!). And even though we don't have dedicated servers, we know that our lobbies are far superior. Really even though it is perfectly evident that match-making can be added to any PC game along side of dedicated servers, we gladly sacrifice this and many other feature s that are only available for the PC.

After all its not like PC has done anything for us, right? They only gave us every good title that we play now, with a very short exception list. And really many of those at one times were mods themselves for the PC. So really we are just arguing to stomp out the independent wing from game development, b/c we all know you can't develop mods for consoles.

And really when I watch a guy who has his HTPC hooked up to his 52" flat panel, with surround sound controlled completely digitally, who has blue ray and 3TB of data storage, and is sitting back on his couch with a gamepad playing the same game I do, who can upgrade any component when needed, and has access to countless mods, and new indie games, and has spent less money to do it...

I think, "what a tool."
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