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PC vs. Console Gaming; What Do We Really Care About?

What do we really care about as PC gamers? When you see a post that has comments from PC players, they might seem different from posts by console players. So what is it we defend or get upset about? After some basic edumication I offer some insight to any one who needs it for what a PC gamer really cares about.

Here are some immutable facts:
1. FPS, RTS, and MMO's mostly play better on PC.
2. Console and PC gaming is roughly the same cost.
3. PC systems have a life span to play games at high levels for 3-6 years, which is similar to a console lifespan.
4. Consoles are better for small groups of people to play at one time and party games.
5. PC's are better for large groups to play together. (More than 4 people.)
6. PC's are harder to technically deal with.
7. Most people own a computer, and own one that is perfectly fine to play PC games or upgraded too.
8. Both platforms are subject to piracy, hardware failure, software glitches, and patch updates.

Consoles came from Japan and PC's came from the US. PS has always dominated the Japanese Market and PC has always dominated the Korean and European Markets. Gaming in the US was always represented by both console and PC, but the games played remarkably different. Games written in Japan for PS have a very console feel. By that I mean the menus, play style, character and control are all very much unique. Its culturally and historically learned over three decades of console building and development. PC gaming has had its style too, the biggest being the keyboard and mouse. This allowed for massive amounts of commands to be utilized and hard drives allowed for game saves and a larger game environment. But essentially, the games were made and built different due to the tools at hand. Early PC games were extremely imaginative and due to graphics limitations, many had a depth that has only recently been replicated over the past 20 years.

Main difference are that PC games traditionally been very open world, even from level to level. While Console games guided the player through a tightly controlled environment. At the time PC players have always enjoyed this freedom and the developers were looking to provide that.

Now the state of the industry provides PC style games that will innately play better on PC then console to the console market, mainly the XBOX. The PS3 still have very console style games, such as Resident Evil, Shadow of the Colossus, and Katamari. These games are written by console games who grew and lived in a console world. Many of our new games now are bastard hybrids as developers/ publishers don't want to take the time build a game that plays properly with, "the poor man's mouse" and the rich man's mouse.

Easy case in point: Resident Evil 5 vs. Borderlands.
- Resident Evil 5: This game was built for the console and the play style shows it, but it was built back up to play on the PC. The game play is the same, but a lot of effort went into making it run right on the PC.
- Borderlands: The game play runs definitely better on the PC as all FPS do, but the menus are clearly console oriented and make me want to dig my eyes out. They are terrible for the PC and mods had to be released for players to make themselves to fix some of these things, like mouse scrolling down text.

Its insulting for PC players to not see the UI developed for their use. It's not hard. Its not hard to make games and give the players what they deserve. Most of the XBOX games have come from the PC world. Without PC gamers these titles would never have existed.

The Console world, due to the mass market, gobbles everything down then says Fuck You. An arrogant console gamer may say, "survival of the fittest." But all the food a console gamer eats has come from the PC community.

That's fine. Things change.

But instead of being grateful for what PC has done, bringing PC style open games to console, we have to read this shit by Jim Sterling who IS REPRESENTING THE PC COMMUNITY ON THIS SITE.


This is insulting and does nothing constructive and nothing for the community as a whole. PC gamers just want to be left alone with the style of play we've always had. We don't want or need recognition that the only reason Battlefield Bad Company exists is because of enough players downloaded the Desert Combat Mod for BF1942.

But to be crapped on is a different story.

Post PC gamers don't have small penises. So then way are so many console gamers stark determined to win the video games supremacy wars? WE DON'T CARE. What we care about is being poked, taunted, and disrespected. We don't like people spreading lies that hacking and expense is ruining the PC gaming industry, like Jim Sterling has. A console IS a computer, just not a PC, and soon enough, due to hard disks and bios flashes/ chip replacements, Console will be king of Piracy. It can't logically be stopped, if someone has an argument or idea to stop I'd love to hear it. And we really don't like some console port that hasn't been optimized for the PC comes to use and we are told, "this console game is really for you!."

But don't worry now the XBOXers and the PS3ers can start on each other in the small penis supremacy war. Civil war is always the next step.

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