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G4 takes the PC players sides too.

Well first it was Wired Mag... now this too!!


As a console gamer I can only say that I am utterly disguised with G4. I mean seriously G4 is a console players haven and its on TV! It has way more pull than anything online. They should be sticking up for us console players and not acting in a fair and judicious manner. After all the last bazillion times I watched G4 everything they talked about was console centric. I mean EVERYTHING. We own G4 and that's the way it should be... forever.

Though one time a while ago I did watch an X Play where they reviewed some stupid MMORPG and gave it a 7.

I was quite pissed. They completely wasted my valuable time, where I could have been panning around with my little stick thingies and shooting stuff, with this PC bull crap. I abruptly wrote a scathing online post! Ha they won't be doing that smack any time soon.

But I digress.

The only thing I can say in favor of G4 is that they did seem to delay their coverage (to their own admittance) on this until early yesterday. I mean if they picked up on this any earlier they may have been able to provide some damage control of the situation. So thanks G4 for slowing your coverage down a bit. After all when some obscure-never heard of sound producer signs on to a console gaming project we hear that much needed news AS ITS HAPPENING.

Side Note:
Look at the Destructoid Article and Comments, then read the G4 ones. Notice a difference? Them thar console players on the G4 site just seem too nice. Definitely not enough slashing and burning.
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