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The 100th top 100 games list

http://top100.ign.com/2007/ Yes, friends, more than 30 editors located all over the world set aside their ages, allegiances and personal favorites to pick the hundred best videogames that the planet has ever seen! There was fighting, there...


Galaxy dethroned

http://www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/simpleratings.asp?rankings=y Well after about a week, Galaxy has dropped back down to 2nd place and Ocarina of Time has taken back its throne. Galaxy has taken the title from Ocarina of Time longer ...


Marky mark as Max Payne?

http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117975641.html?categoryid=1238&cs=1 Wahlberg is negotiating to play the titular cop who is haunted by the tragic loss of his family and has little regard for rules as he investigates a series of mysteriou...


Arcade mode

This is a video of the arcade mode in Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. Is it possible to want this game any more?


Weekly Japanese Hardware Sales

It's time to take a look at what our friends from across the sea are buying. - DS Lite: 76,243 5,635 (7.98%) - PSP: 59,792 1,123 (1.91%) - Wii: 27,502 2,570 (10.31%) - PS3: 18,785 1,655 (9.66%) - PS2: 11,698 1,417 (13.78%) - Xbox 360...


Advertising done right.

This has to be the best gaming commercial that I've seen this generation, definitely blows the shit out of the "Wii want to play" commercials. Runner up: The Bioshock commercials.


Halo Repair

Halo Repair by 1up Two years ago, 1UP published an editorial entitled Broken Halo: Five Ways Bungie Can Fix Halo 2. Speaking for the collective hearts and trigger fingers of legions of serious Halo fans worldwide, author Luke Smith laid ...


Why game reviews fail, plus ratios matter?

An excellent article by Mark Wilson over at Kotaku. He's completely right and we're(gamers) not helping the situation at all. I've seen way too many times that people will write off any game that scores anything less than a nine from (inser...


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