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Gamers Are Becoming Lazy

Not when it comes to exercise, but when it comes to the mindset of the gamer some of them are complete copies of a douche bag. Instead of being themselves, they lazily let the common denominator of what a gamer should be take over their personality.

Here are some examples if you don't understand what I mean.

1. The Battles Are Still Raging...

Go to any gaming website and you are likely to see the console wars are still alive and well. People are still fighting over this and it's getting quite annoying. How long has it been since both consoles were released, 4 years? My God, that is a long time to be battling over machinery. That's because some gamers are too lazy to realize that both consoles are fine. It's this laziness to common sense that drives people who don't play games to think all gamers are whiny bitches. I don't want to be a whiny bitch, because other gamers can't come to an agreement. If they can just stop being lazy and letting other people make decisions for them, then maybe we can move past this and Microsoft and Sony can join companies and make the ultimate system. Think about it :)


2. The Fanboys Are Still Alive...

This particular form of laziness is the most upsetting. If it's not the consoles that are being argued about then it's the games that are on the consoles. Certain gamers have become so wrapped up in proving others wrong that they lazily move from the console flame wars to the games on the consoles. Aren't you all tired of hearing why this game is better than that? Then you are not lazy minded. Too bad some people are.

3. The Online Gaming Community Is Hard Assed

For some reason whenever I get online I am playing with the same three types of people. The dude/chick who is so fucking cocky, the guy/gal who takes the game too seriously or the douche bag/dickwad who kills his own team mates. Pretty much everyone has adopted one of these three attitudes when it comes time to play online. For some reason online gamers need to be a jerk, a spoiled brat or a complete idiot when they play with someone else. It's so rare to find people who are actually respectable. Sure I like a little trash talk here and there, but when you get all out with it you not only bring yourself down, but you bring down the entire gaming community. It's just another example of lazy minded people getting their hands on a console.

4.Lazy Gamers Don't Branch Out

This is more of their problem then an actual problem to everyone else, yet when you think about it, it's still sad. It's not a bad thing to have a favorite game, but if you let it consume your entire gaming identity then there is something wrong with you. Remember when many GOW fans weren't gonna buy Dante's Inferno? I do. But do you remember how many changed their minds after the reviews came? When you are so lazy minded that you don't want to play a game because it resembles one of your favorites than you are gonna miss out on something that could be great.

5. Lazy Gamers Branch Out It's a two way street that always leads to a cliff.

When a lazy minded gamer does branch out one of two things will happen. He will either hate the game or like it. Now we all know liking is good. But lazy gamers take it to a level of like known as 'Lazy Appreciation'. As in they only like a game because it plays like one of their favorites, not because of it's merits. You usually hear something like this in their review: "If you like (insert game name here) then you will totally enjoy (insert game name here). There are so many similarities that you will not be able to resist." Again this is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you base your entire opinion of a game because of another game then you will miss out, on a could be great experience.

6. Lazy Gamers Have No Opinions

Most gamers wait for a review of a newly released game. It is actually a good thing to do if you wanna know what you're in for and decide whether or not you'd like to go threw it. But, if you truly base your ENTIRE opinion of a game on one persons review then you may be a lazy gamer. Every gamer in the world has a guilty pleasure game that they keep hidden. You know what I mean. That certain game that has the lowest scores ever, yet you love it. For me it's Superman Returns, because I like flying at the speed of sound. I can't imagine what I would be doing if I didn't buy that game. I guess not flying at the speed of sound :)

7. Lazy Gamers Have No Helpful Evience

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a gamer over a game. Of course you have. And what happens during this battle? They usually spam you with links to IGN or some other biased gaming review company, because we all know that when a company says a game is good we must all obey. Get out of here with that stuff, man! If I like or hate a game it's my business. Seeing a 9 out of 10 isn't gonna make me like Uncharted 2. In fact it makes me dislike it more, because I know I have to face people like you when I play it online!!!!

8. Lazy Gamers Serve No Purpose

They usually manifest as trolls on the internet. They do nothing but, spam, start wars and demean the internet and it's glory. And gaming trolls are the worse, because when you stand up to them they call YOU a troll. Go figure.

9. Most Lazy Gamers Are Young Bastards

Do I even need to say it? Fine, I will. Most lazy gamers are children or adults who are big ass kids allowing their immaturity to get the best of them. There I said it. Now let's go burn some kids. :)

10.Lazy Gamers Make You Look Bad

Dealing with lazy gamers puts so much strain on the human body that repeated exposure will make you look like this.

In closing I will just like to say that being a lazy gamer is not cool. Don't do it. Because you are only making gaming harder for yourself and others.
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